Laboratories – Department of history

Professors of history are primarily affiliated with four research centers which partner with the GHES Department :

  • ANHIMA (Anthropology and History of Ancient Societies, UMR 8210)
  • CESSMA (Centre for Social Science Studies on the African, American and Asian Worlds, UMR 245)
  • ICT (Identities, Cultures and Territories, EA 733)
  • LIED (Paris Interdisciplinary Energy Research Institute, UMR 8236)


Our history specialists are also affiliated with other Université de Paris research centers including :

  • CERILAC (Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and Research in Literature, Art and Film Studies, EA 4410)
  • LARCA (Research Laboratory on English-Speaking Cultures, UMR 8225)
  • SPHERE (Science, Philosophy, History, UMR 721)