Alice Bianchi & Lyce Jankowski (eds.), The Social Lives of Chinese Objects, Brill, 2022.

The second volume of the European Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology has been published. « The Social Lives of Chinese Objects » is the first anthology of texts to apply Arjun Appadurai’s well-known argument on the social life of things to the discussion of artefacts made in China. It gathers eight essays by art historians and museum professionals. The essays look at objects as “things-in-motion,” a status that brings attention to the history of transmissions ensuing after the time and conditions of their production. How does the identity of an object change as a consequence of geographical relocation and/ or temporal transference? How do the intentions of the individuals responsible for such transfers affect the later status and meaning of these objects? The materiality of the things analyzed in this book, and visualized by a rich array of illustrations, varies from bronze to lacquered wood, from clay to porcelain, and includes painting, imperial clothing, and war spoils.

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  • Titre : The Social Lives of Chinese Objects
  • Auteur :Alice Bianchi et Lyce Jankowski
  • Éditeur : BRILL
  • Date de publication : 27 octobre 2022
  • Nombre de pages : 330
  • ISBN : 978-90-04-52133-9
  • Prix : 128,71€