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The master students are members of PGSL which organizes various activities, including an outing to the forest of Fontainebleau on Saturday, April 23.


PGSL organizes a mentoring program that is primarily aimed at students who wish to pursue a research orientation. The mentoring program aims to bring together master’s students and doctoral students.
Doctoral students and master’s students can register, search for their partner and specify if they have matched:

Mentoring website / Mentorship

Finally, here is the link to the slack group where master students can discuss and receive information:

Groupe Slack / Slack group


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UFRL Movie

UFRL Movie

Discover some aspects of teaching at the UFRL (undergrad level, in French) here Read more

SMARTS-UP master’s grants

SMARTS-UP master’s grants

Information on SMARTS-UP master's grants is now available at : https://mobility.smarts-up.fr/ Applications can be made by non French students, without any previous higher education diploma in France, between December, 1st, 2021 and January 16th, 2022, to...