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Being an engaged and committed student means helping build tomorrow’s society, with a spirit of openness, solidarity and responsibility. Student Engagement at Université Paris Cité provides opportunities for students to build communities and engage meaningfully in a wide variety of ways.


More than 500 students enrolled in the Student Engagement free EU in the 2020-2021 academic year

Registration deadlines:

1st semester: November 15th, 2021

2nd semester: March 8th, 2022

The student engagement programme is open to undergraduate or graduate students who would like to get involved in a structure or organisation such as:

An association (secular, solidarity or civic)
A Université Paris Cité committee or body
Community association
Civic service organisation following content in French
Volunteer fire fighters

Getting involved enables you to develop transferable skills alongside your academic studies which can be counted towards credits throughout your degree, and can be valuable when you are looking for an internship or job.
The skills acquired can be:

  • recognised as part of a free unit (UE), called “Student Engagement”
  • validated with at least 30 hours of engagement in a structure, with three ECTS awarded for non-health-related courses (6 ECTS for health-related courses), as well as a grade out of 20

Why get involved?

be useful
learn more about yourself
satisfy a desire to discover the world around us
acquire and develop skills/knowledge that can bring value in both your professional and personal life
grow and develop from a human perspective

Choosing your association
  • Analyse your availability based on your schedule: how much time (travel, work, analysis and writing, workshop) can you dedicate to getting involved ? Take into account your classes, revision sessions, exams, leisure activities, etc.
  • Think about your own interests to maximise your engagement: What do you like to do, what motivates you, what is important to you? What are your values ? What are your goals ?
  • Take into account your career plan and the skills you wish to develop
  • Find an association that allows you to work at least 30 hours per semester
  • Interested in becoming a volunteer ? Here are some opportunities.
Registration and validation procedures for the EU

Application process

1. First of all, ensure that your academic programme offers the Student Engagement unit:
You can apply during the first and/or second semester of your academic year.
Impotant : not all of the programmes necessarily offer this unit. Contact your pedagogical team for more information.

2. Read the Student Engagement Charter*
It sets out the framework for engagement as a Université Paris Cité student.
This Charter must be read and approved, but does not need to be included with your application.

3. Carefully complete all the sections on the Engagement Form*.
This includes all of the information concerning your engagement mission, and is based on 3 sections:

  • one section to be completed by the student;
  • one section to be completed by your host structure
  • a joint section that will need to be completed by the student and your host structure, but only signed by your host structure.
    When you send this form to the Student Engagement Department, you will be considered to have signed the document.

4. Enter all of the information requested in the online form*, summarising certain information concerning your engagement mission, then upload your mission form at the end of your application.

Please ensure the application is completed by you correctly and also by the manager from your host organisation.

You will be sent an email receipt when you have completed your online application.

You must indicate your Université Paris Cité email address, : the Student Engagement Department will write exclusively to this address to inform you about the key stages (approval, invitation, request for further details).

Any applications that are incomplete will not be taken into consideration.

5. Complete applications will be reviewed by the Student Engagement Department and a course coordinator for this unit, and they will decide whether to accept or reject your application.

Refer to the list of course coordinators for each department *

Once applications have been accepted, you will be registered for the Student Engagement unit of study within 15 days.

Students whose applications have been rejected will quickly be invited to a meeting to explain this decision and help them to adjust their engagement plans, if they wish.


Get your student engagement approved

Complete your 30 hours of engagement over the period agreed on with the host structure for the current academic year.

Note that you can carry out your missions during the first semester even though the Engagement unit is offered during the second semester: the opposite is not possible.

Before the end of the validation semester, you will need to:

  • attend a compulsory half-day training session organised by the Student Engagement Department:
    This is a workshop to capitalise on the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your missions with the host structure. No specific preparations are required. The date of your invitation to this compulsory training session will be communicated to you during the semester concerned.
    Failure to attend this compulsory session will be recorded as an unjustified absence 
  • write a report that is at least 5 pages long, along with your personal detail.*
    This report will describe the actions carried out, the knowledge and skills acquired, and the challenges encountered.
    The deadline for submitting this report will be indicated to you during the semester.

Consult the explanatory note
Consult the deadlines

  • Send your report along with your review* filled by your host structure to the Student Engagement Department,
    These three elements combined will allow your teacher to give you a mark out of 20.

Failure to submit the summary report and/or failure to participate in the compulsory training, without providing proof, will result in a failure.

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When contacting the department, Please indicate your name, surname, student number and department.

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