Student Associations

Université de Paris brings together over 120 student associations.

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The dynamism of Université de Paris student associations offers students great opportunities to multiply enriching experiences and share a project or values. Culture, sport, citizenship… the choices are plentiful.

Supporting student associations

The Student life Directorate of Université de Paris assists associations in their endeavors:

  • Supports student initiatives
  • Assistance in setting up projects that will be presented before the committee
  • Production or co-production of student events
Funding for community projects

Part of the CVEC received by the university is dedicated each year to the financing of student association projects. 

Any student association of the university or any student from Université de Paris who is a member of an outside association may file a request for funding for a project to be examined by the committee. Such aid may cover cultural, solidarity or humanitarian projects, sports, scientific, vocational guidance or student life activities. 

How do I submit a file?

  1. Download and complete the Student Association Projects Help form.
  2. This form is to be sent as soon as possible, in Word format, by email to the Student association department. Following this e-mail, an appointment can be made to exchange information on your project before presenting it to the commission. 
  3. Put your file together by downloading the list of documents to be provided as well as the charter of engagement.
  4. Submit your FULL paper file to the student assoication department by 17/03 (deadline for review by the commission). The committee, originally scheduled for 02/04/2020, is postponed to a later date). 

When do I submit my file?

You can submit your full file with the student association department by March 17, 2020 . The committee on associative projects, originally scheduled for 2 April 2020, is postponed to a later date after the university is reopened. 

Where do I submit my file?

No records can be filed at this time. If you have any questions, the Student societies department remains available by email: 




The MEVA (House of Students and student associations) is a place of exchange for student associations of Université de Paris, dedicated to strengthening the community fabric.

  • Its main role is to boost the community fabric of the university.
  • It is located in room 069 E and 065E of the Halle aux Flours. 
  • It brings together several associations which organize their meetings, activities, meet their members…
  • Université de Paris associations submit an application for the use of MEVA every year, at the end of October.

For this purpose, a presentation of the Association’s projects, the interest and contribution of the MEVA is requested by the Student Life office (



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