Joint Degree in English and American Studies : application, choice of classes and registration

Coordinator JDEAS Prof. François VERGNIOLLE DE CHANTAL

Coordination for JDEAS mobility

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How to apply for a JDEAS mobility to Université Paris Cité


Incoming mobility JDEAS students have to be nominated by email to the International Relations Office of the Faculté Sociétés et Humanités
Contact: Ms. Emmanuelle Jego, or
Deadline for nomination: first semester (Fall term): 30th April / second semester (Spring term): 15th October

MoveOn Application

After nominations are received, incoming mobility JDEAS students have to apply on the UPC MoveOn portal. You will be sent the link by email, with guidelines on how to apply.
Deadline for application: first semester (Fall term): 15th May / second semester (Spring term): 30th October

  • Students coming from City College New York must complete the Application for incoming students / International universities / Studies. In the “Educational Background and Requested Stay” tab, for “Framework”, they must choose “Bilatéral Etudes”
  • Students from the other consortium universities must complete the Application for incoming students / Erasmus+ / Studies. In the “Educational Background and Requested Stay” tab, for “Framework”, they must choose Cursus intégré.

As part of the MoveOn application, incoming students can apply for university housing, but note that Université Paris Cité only has very few rooms. For more accomodation options, see the Accomodation webpage.

Learning agreement

Your MoveOn application file will have to include a learning agreement, i.e. the list of classes you will wish to attend at Université Paris Cité. If you don’t already have a learning agreement template, you use those available here.

You can find information about modules in Anglophone Studies here: Please note that catalogues for the next academic year are only updated during the summer; so some changes in the offer might occur.

For modules in other disciplines, please consult the websites listed in the section below (« Choice of classes for academic registration »). Please note that this initial version of your learning agreement will probably have to be revised later on, closer to the beginning of term (see the academic calendar below). Updated versions build your weekly schedule of classes for academic registration (see the section below).

Please note that, as a JDEAS student, you must choose M2 courses.

Before you upload your learning agreement on MoveOn, you need to have it signed by the academic coordinator for incoming students, Dr. Clémence Follea ( and/or by the JDEAS manager at UPCité, Pr François de Chantal (

French language certificate

For the French language certificate, simply upload a note stating that you are exempt because you plan to take only English-taught classes from the UFR Etudes anglophones (the waiver also applies to classes in French as a foreign language).

Official acceptation

Once your application is processed, you will be sent your offical letter of acceptance. Once you are offically enrolled at Université Paris Cité, you will receive your student number and will be able to activate your student account (see below).


Your primary contact for all administrative questions on the MoveOn application, housing and enrollment is the International Relations Office of the Faculté Sociétés et Humanités: Ms. Emmanuelle Jego, or

Choice of classes for academic registration

Once the semester’s timetables are published (a few weeks before the beginning of term), it will be time to make your choice of classes a little more concrete: based on the semester’s timetables you will be required to build your own weekly schedule and define the definitive list of courses you wish to be registered for.

This is different from your learning agreement: you can use your LA as a basis but you will now have to consult the semester’s timetables to make sure your classes do not clash and to build yourself a workable weekly schedule. Timetables are usually published a few weeks before the beginning of term.

If you need help for choosing your classes, please contact the JDEAS supervisor in Paris, Prof. François Vergniolle de Chantal, or the academic coordinator for incoming students, Dr. Clémence Follea.

As JDEAS students, you are supposed to take 30 European credits (ECTS). You will mostly attend courses from the UFR Etudes Anglophones (English Department) but you may also take some other courses as free electives.

Regular MA courses

You will have access to the regular MA classes in English and American studies. ECTS content varies with each class and is indicated in the course catalogue below, along with the course description.

Catalogue of postgraduate English modules and timetables (brochures et emplois du temps M1 – M2)

Please note that, as a JDEAS student, you must choose M2 courses.

Registration can be done in person or by email with Murielle Guillemont, with your student number and a list of your classes, with their code, title and group number if applicable

Modules in other disciplines

Subject to your home university’s agreement, you may take courses in French as a foreign langague from the LANSAD (language center) or sports as free electives :

Modules in French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

Modules in Sports

Academic calendar

Classes normally start mid- September for the 1st semester (Fall term), and mid-January for the 2nd semester (Spring term). Please note that the resit exams for both terms take place at the end of June.

The dates given below correspond to the calendar of the Anglophone Studies Department. Other Departments usually follow a similar calendar – however, please make sure you visit each Department’s webpage to confirm their dates (see the links listed in the section above).

Fall term (first semester) 2023/24

The 2023/24 first-term welcome week for mobility students will start on 11th September 2022 (see below).

Classes will start on 18th September 2023 and end on 22nd December 2023.

Exam session: 18th to 22nd December 2023 + 8th to 12th January 2024

Autumn holiday: 28th October to 5th November 2023

Winder holiday: 23rd December 2023 to 7th January 2024

Spring term (second semester) 2023/24

The welcome week for mobility students will start on 16th January 2023 (see below).

Classes will start on 22nd January 2024 and end on 3rd May 2024

Exams: 6th May to 17th May 2024

Winter holiday: 17th to 26th February 2024

Easter holiday: 6th to 22nd April 2024

** Note that for some classes all the evaluation is done in classes during term, while for others exams take place after term. Your instructor will explain whether or not you have to sit an exam in May.

Re-sits (both terms)

The re-sit exams FOR BOTH TERMS will take place from 10th to 28th June 2024

Welcome Week

The 2023-24 second-term Welcome Week will be taking place from 15th to 20th January 2023. The program isn’t available yet.

Attendance is strongly recommended – on top of meeting other students, you will be given information on life on campus, on social security, on Parisian life, etc.

During the welcome week, the International Office of the Faculté SH will provide your student card as well as valuable information about your mobility.

If you cannot attend the welcome week, please write to your administrative contact ( for Erasmus and bilateral mobility students, for MICEFA and Study Abroad Students), so they can give you your student’s card.



Students' services

Student account

Once you receive your student number, you must activate your electronic student account

This will give you access to the whole range of student electronic services, including Mon Dossier Web (grades, registration status, certificate of school attendance….), the Moodle class platform, your student email service, and distant access to library services.

Access more information on your personal student account:

Electronic services

Find out about the whole range of electronic services for Université Paris Cité students:


You can find some information about accommodation here:


Visit the FAQ on student services:

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