Graduate School of East Asian Studies

The Graduate School East Asian Studies provides students with a double expertise: an excellent level in an oriental language (Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese) and in the human and social sciences.



The Gradute School of East Asian Studies trains high-level international students. At the end of the two (or three) years program (in the case of an extended stay abroad), they have an excellent command of an oriental language (Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese). They are familiar with the latest developments in research in the humanities and social sciences in their area of specialisation.

The courses are taught in French, English and Oriental languages, and students are expected to spend time in their country of specialisation.

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Lectures 2022-2023

Reading and Reverence: Literature and Religion in Late Imperial China

Conférencier : Noga Ganany (University of Cambridge)


Testimony vs. Propaganda: Love and Kamishibai in Japan’s Colonial Empire     

Conférencier : Sharalyn Orbaugh (University of British Columbia)


The Programme to Improve Rice Production in Colonial Korea: Inspections, Regulations, and the Creation of a Commodity 

Conférencier : Holly Stephens (University of Edinburgh)

The Visual and Spatial Cultures of Early Modern China in Their Global Contexts

Conférencier : Stephen Whiteman (Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London)

The Geography of Injustice. East Asia’s Battle between Memory and History  

Conférencier : Barak Kushner (University of Cambridge)



Care and Walfare in Contemporary Vietnam in Relation to Migration and Gender

Conférencier : Nguyen Minh (Bielefeld University)

Gender Equality or Traditional Culture: Legal Cases Afterwards the Abolishment of the Household Head System in Korea

Conférencier : An Jong-Chol (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)  

Hanoi Street Vendors and Informal Sector Workers

Conférencier : Sarah Turner (McGill University)   

Program leaders




The lectures take place from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

in room 481C (UFR LCAO, 5 rue Thomas Mann, 75013 Paris)

and by ZOOM

Social science seminars in English

In the framework of Actions Paris Graduate School of East Asian Studies, the following seminars are given wholly or partly in English :  

Sociology of China (Gilles GUIHEUX)

Political Trajectories in China and Taiwan (Sébastien BILLIOUD)

Korean Areal Methodology (Justine GUICHARD)

Sociology of minorities (Anne-Lise MITHOUT)

Literature and popular culture in post-war Japan (Thomas GARCIN)

History and sociology of beliefs and knowledge (Ken DAIMARU)

Contemporary Vietnam through texts of the social sciences (Marie GIBERT-FLUTRE)

Publications and Careers in Asian Studies


Publications and careers in Asian Studies in France

Friday, October 28th, 4:00-7:00 p.m., room 481C (UFR LCAO)

Speakers: Yannick Bruneton, Marie Gibert, Ken Daimaru


Publications and careers in Asian Studies in the English-speaking world

Friday, February 3rd, 4:00-7:00 p.m., room 481C (UFR LCAO)

Speakers: Justine Guichard, Thomas Garcin, Gilles Guiheux


2021-2022 program


SMARTS-UP international scholarships for Master students

2022-2023 – 5 scholarships

BARRIENTOS BERROCAL Alba, Spanish, M2 LLCER chinese studies
GRIGOREVA Nadezhda, Russian, M1 LLCER chinese studies
ORAZZO Alessia, Italian, M2 LLCER chinese studies
ROTA Veronica, Italian, M1 LLCER vietnamese studies
SENGUN Berfu, Turkish M2 LLCER japanese studies

2021-2022 – 2 scholarships

BARRIENTOS BERROCAL Alba, Spanish, M1 LLCER chinese studies
SENGUN Berfu, Turkish, M1 LLCER japanese studies

Research and Travel Scholarship


Aymeric Mariette for his fieldwork in Cambodia and Malaysia as part of the project entitled Special Economic Zones and Labour Standards in the Age of Chinese Projection in Southeast Asia

Etienne Marq for his research trip to the Vatican as part of the project entitled The Catholic Church and the Japanese Nation (1889-1945)