Professors at the LCAO Department belong to several research units.

UMRs affiliated with the Department

CRCAO – East Asian Civilizations Research Centre, UMR 8155


CCJ – The Centre for Studies on China, Korea and Japan, UMR 8173


IFRAEFrench Research Institute for Eastern Asia, UMR 8043 (Université Paris Cité, INALCO)


Research Units Supervised by Université Paris Cité

CESSMACenter for Social Science Research on Africa, Asia and the Americas, UMR D245


CLILLAC – Center for Interlinguistics, Lexicology, English Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics, EA 3967


Other Research Units

CRLAO  – The Center for East Asian Linguistics, UMR 8563 (EHESS)


CADIS – Center for Sociological Analysis and Intervention, UMR 8039, (EHESS)