Internship procedure

Students enrolled in Licence 3 and Master 1 have a mandatory internship in all specialties (including Bi-Licence). The number of hours of internship to be completed depends on the year and the student’s specialty. Internships can be done on a “one day per week” basis or part-time. All internships of 45 days (consecutive or not) must be paid.

You will find the specific modalities according to the year and the specialty concerned by following this link: specific modalities.

You can find additional information on your rights and obligations by clicking on this link: rights and obligations of internships.

Finding an internship

Think about meeting the people in charge of orientation and professional integration at the Pôle de l’Orientation et de la Professionnalisation who can answer your questions, guide you in finding an internship or help you with the administrative formalities.

The choice of the internship is made in agreement with the person in charge of the year’s pedagogical program, who is the teacher-referent (enseignant-référent).

The search for an internship is the responsibility of the students, who must actively seek out companies, schools, researchers and professors.

You will find on this page the few internships offered at the UFR of Linguistics: list of internship offers.


  1. Complete the agreement via the Pstage application. 
  2. Send an email to the school (Marie-France Le Gall or Carole Connan) to inform her. She will check its conformity
  3. Once the information has been filled in and complies with Pstage, download the agreement in pdf format and have it signed by :
    1. Yourself
    2. At the institution hosting the internship: by your tutor and by the legal representative of the institution
    3. Your referent teacher 
  4. The signed version at the school office, as well as your social security certificate and civil liability certificate (with the mention “covered for the whole duration of the internship”)
  5. The UFRL school office has the UFRL director sign the agreement (by delegation), validates the agreement on the Pstage application, and sends the validated signed agreement to the student.

The internship cannot start before all parties have signed. It is necessary to allow sufficient time to obtain the signatures of the employer and the teacher.