Each year, the Transition call aims at financing the end of a Ph.D. (4th year) or a transition phase between the Ph.D. and a postdoc in a different lab to finalize the project and any publications.

This annual call was launched in March 2023. Twenty-four projects were submitted, and eight of them were selected by the Executive Committee for funding periods ranging from 6 to 12 months. Congratulations to the following candidates:

  • Léo CARRILLO, PhD student (4th year), EDC
    Probing the role of long non-coding RNA XIST and X Chromosome Inactivation for human extraembryonic cell fate acquisition
  • Agathe DU CREST, PhD student (4th year), IHPST
    Evolutionary theory from biology to social sciences: ontological and epistemological stakes of the evolution of gender characteristics
  • Aurélie DUMARCHEY,PhD student (4th year), Institut Cochin
    Plasmodium falciparum causes significant alterations in erythroid differentiation
  • Louis LAURENT, PhD student (4th year), IJM
    Élucidation des mécanismes moléculaires de perception de la densité cellulaire dans l’épithélium, de la surface de la cellule à son noyau
  • Camille LE SCAO, PhD student (4th year), MSC
    Dynamics of a leaf central vein
  • Sudheer Kumar PENETI, PhD student (4th year), IJM
    Role of vimentin in epithelial collective cell migration
  • Manon COULEE, postdoctoral researcher, Institut Cochin
    Characterization of the epigenome of human spermatozoa: impact of the age and correlation with embryonic development
  • Manon MONIER, postdoctoral researcher, IJM
    Identity and evolution of adhesive properties in several Drosophila species

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