The Labex Who Am I? organizes with two of its partners (Epigenetics and Cell Fate unit + Jacques Monod Institute) an unusual visit within the framework of the French Science Festival 2021 and the CNRS “Visites !nsolites” event.
See you on Saturday, October 2, 2021, to find out what we have prepared for you!

Visites !nsolites

Live a surprising and unforgettable experience with science!

© CNRS – Centre national de la recherche scientifique

Organoids: mini-organs that grow in the laboratory

The visit will be held in French.

Take part in a journey around organoids with the Epigenetics and Cell Fate (EDC) laboratory and the Jacques Monod Institute’s teams. After a presentation of the Labex, the place (EDC laboratory), and a short introduction to the concepts of stem cells, organoids, and the recently awarded Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR technology (30-45min), visitors will be able to discover organoids through 3 workshops (3 visitors/group, 30min / workshop): 2 workshops will take place in cell culture rooms to follow the different stages of the creation of organoids, the third workshop will be devoted to the observation of organoid sections under a fluorescence microscope.

To try to win your places for this unique immersion in a research laboratory, only two possibilities:

Saturday, October 2, morning session (10 am-12.30 pm):

Saturday, October 2, afternoon session (2 pm-4.30 pm):


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