The Labex Who Am I? organizes with two of its partners (Jacques Monod Institute + Epigenetics and Cell Fate center) an unusual visit within the framework of the French Science Festival 2023 and the CNRS “Visites !nsolites” event.

See you on Friday, October 6, 2023, to find out what we have prepared for you!

Visites !nsolites

A surprising experience with science!

© CNRS – Centre national de la recherche scientifique

Organoids: mini-organs that grow in the laboratory

The visit will be held in French.

The Labex Who Am I? invites you on an unusual journey devoted to one of its main subjects: organoids.

Take part in a unique visit starting with a short introduction to the concepts of stem cells, organoids and the recently Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR technology, also known as “molecular scissors”. Then, put on your lab coat and gloves and enter the “cell culture” room to discover stem cells. In another room, observe organoids at different stages of evolution and help the researchers with their experiments. Finally, with fluorescence microscopy, you’ll see many colours when you look at organoid sections.

The afternoon will end with a convivial snack, where you can continue your discussions with the scientists.


To try to win your place for this unique immersion in a research laboratory, there is only one possibility:
Friday, October 6, 2 pm-5 pm:


Other “Visites !nsolites” organized by the Labex’ partners:
– Cochin Institute:
– Jacques Monod Institute:

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