The Labex Who Am I? is partnering with the Faculty of Sciences of the Université Paris Cité and the École Universitaire Génétique et Épigénétique Nouvelle École (EUR GENE), to offer six events during the Pint of Science festival 2022.

© Pint of Science France

The Pint of Science festival is coming back to the bars from May 9 to 11, 2022! We did not want to miss this opportunity to share knowledge and exchange with the general public. This is why we organized six events, highlighting our research and those who do it within the Labex Who Am I?, the Faculty of Science and EUR GENE.

You will find below the links to the evenings we are offering:
Monday, May 9
Que se passe t-il dans nos cellules ?
Shooting (particles) to the stars

Tuesday, May 10
A t-on de la fièvre par hasard ?
Seeing the unseen

Wednesday, May 11
Mission virus : à la recherche des informations
How our brain can mislead us?

More information about the festival and all the events proposed in France:

The organizing team :
Project coordinator
DROUET Valérie, Labex Who Am I?

Selection committee and communication
ANDREU Pauline, Faculty of Sciences
WEITZMAN Jonathan, Epigenetics and Cell Fate unit and EUR GENE

Event managers – Notre Corps
CHICOISNE Léa, Mentor EUR GENE / Institut Cochin
PEREIRA David, Matter and Complex Systems lab
TELLIER Gilles, Mentor EUR GENE / Epigenetics and Cell Fate unit

Event managers – PoS en VO
EL HEDRI Sonia, Astroparticle and Cosmology lab
MAHADIK Kasturi, Epigenetics and Cell Fate unit
PARASAYAN Oguzhan, Mentor EUR GENE / Institut Jacques Monod

Our speakers :
ACHAZ Guillaume, professor, UMR7241 CIRB, Université Paris Cité
AIT SAID Mélissa, PhD student, Institut Cochin, Université Paris Cité
BOMBEN Marco, assistant professor, Astroparticles and Cosmology lab, Université Paris Cité
CASALI Marco, PhD student, Institute of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
CHARDIN Gabriel, research director at CNRS, Astroparticles and Cosmology lab, University of Paris
GIRARD Yann, assistant professor, Quantum Materials and Phenomena lab, Université Paris Cité
GRANER François, researcher, Matter and Complex Systems lab, CNRS
LACHIEZE-REY Raphaël, assistant professor, MAP5 lab, Université Paris Cité
LE BORGNE Marie, lecturer, LVTS INSERM UMRS 1148
ORTIZ PENA Nathaly, post-doctoral fellow, Quantum Materials and Phenomena lab, Université Paris Cité
RICHARD Aurélie, PhD student, Epigenetics and Cell Fate unit, Université Paris Cité
ROUSSELOT PAILLEY Bérangère, assistant professor, Psychoanalysis, Medicine and Society Research Center, Université Paris Cité
VERLHAC Pauline, post-doctoral fellow, Institut Cochin, Université Paris Cité
VILLA Tommaso, researcher, Institut Jacques Monod, CNRS
VILLARES Marie, post-doctoral fellow, Epigenetics and Cell Fate unit, Université Paris Cité
WEXLER Mark, team leader, Integrative Neuroscience and Cognition Center, CNRS and Université Paris Cité

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