The application procedure to the Linguistics Department’s programs  varies according to the nationality and residence country of the applicant:

Study the admission as an independent internation student general procedure for Université Paris Cité, and then check the application periods below for the Linguistics department (UFRL).

Prerequisites and general terms and conditions for the Language Sciences courses

Prerequisites and recruitment procedures – UFRL

Attention: The application procedures (“Etudes en France” and “eCandidat”) are mandatory. Documents received without an application file, without a reference, out of period or out of time will not be kept.

An official transcript from the previous year “validated” indicating that you are ADMITTED (not AJAC, AJ or DEF) is required. Legally, L1 and L2 must be validated to register for L3; the complete Licence to register for M1; the complete M1 to register for M2. A printout of the ENT is not an official document. Provisional transcripts for the 2020/2021 UFRL year are available in MyWebFile. Final transcripts will be mailed or emailed AFTER THE JURIES

Local procedure : application to L3 or M2 via eCandidat

For all our programs (LTE, LI, Ph&Ph, LADFLE, LAOFLE)

  • Applications to L3 and M2 programs are made through the eCandidat portal. Applications can only be made by submitting an online application file on this portal. Applications sent by email will not be accepted. Two application periods are planned:
    • for L3:
    • for M2 (only for students that are NOT currently in the M1 of the same “parcours”):
      • from 11/03/2024 to 28/06/2024 : eCandidat first period
      • NB: if you are currently in M1, and wish to pursue in M2 of the same “parcours”, you don’t need to make an application to the M2 year via eCandidat.

The (dematerialized) file will include several supporting documents including

  • Transcripts of grades obtained in higher education
  • A letter of motivation, a CV
  • The certificate of completion of the diploma allowing access to the training (e.g.: the license for access to the master, if the diploma is in progress attach a certificate of honor) or complete transcripts of the L3. 
  • The other documents will be indicated online at the time of application
Local procedure : application to M1 programs via "mon master"

Local application to our M1 programs will be done via the “mon master” portal.

  • January 29, 2024: opening of the “mon master” portal, providing information on the available masters
  • February 26 to March 24, 2024: application period
  • June 4 to June 24, 2024: answers by the Universities
  • Access to the mon master portal 
"Etudes en France" procedure

MANDATORY for the countries indicated on the website “Etudes en France” and linked to the visa application.

Do not make an e-candidate file (the visa will be refused).

Follow the admission as an independent internation student general procedure for Université Paris Cité.

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Start of the year 2023

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