The 8th edition of the Complexity-Disorder meeting took place in Paris, France, organized by the Physics Department of Université Paris Cité, on the 4th and 5th October 2021.

EPJ WOC (Europhysical Journal Web of Conferences) Volume 263

Corresponding author : Pr Jean-Claude Serge Levy – Quantum Materials and Phenomena Laboratory (MPQ) (UMR 7162)

This 8th Complexity-disorder meeting provided an open forum for researchers of all disciplines working in the wide field of complex matters. This was a unique opportunity for scientists from these different communities to exchange views and foster synergies to find new ways and horizons to the challenges in their fields.

Among the numerous disciplines reported in this meeting were history, neurosciences, health, law, sociology, architecture, teaching and physics. Within physics a very special interest was given to the foundation of quantum mechanics from an original point of view and to the transition from quantum mechanics to classical mechanics. Numerous works on very active fields open to applications such as metamaterials or hydrogen preparation were also studied by well-known specialists.


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