Depositing and sharing research with open Repositories

Summary of the course

Launched in 2001 by the “Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe”, HAL is a national open archive where authors can deposit scholarly documents from all academic fields. Since 2016, the Digital Republic bill allows researchers to publish their work in open access, i.e., the accepted post-print version of any manuscript 6 or 12 months after official publication. The free online access provided by HAL aims to ensure the long-term storage of the deposited documents. This also facilitates author signalling and identification respecting authors ‘rights. Overall, the objective of the module is to support PhD students in the process of depositing a document in HAL. 


PhD students are invited to have at least one bibliographic reference and the relate metadata or a document to be deposited for which they have the rights.

This blended course includes a self-training session (1H30) in Moodle and a live webinar a few days later (1H):

  • The self-training session aims at presenting the definitions, resources and tools used in the Open Science approach through short capsules of contents and short training activities. Participants will complete this asynchronous part within 10 days (deadline 3 days before the final webinar).
  • The final webinar will be very interactive and aimed at 1) debriefing the self-training phase 2) going further to help you to set out open science good practices for your research project.

Module program:

  • What are the benefits of using HAL for researchers?
  • The legal aspects related to contributing to open archives of your publications
  • Gathering the information to deposit in HAL (e.g., metadata…)
  • The different steps to deposit your document in HAL
  • The types of services provided by HAL (create an IdHAL, a CV, share publications, statistics, extract lists …)


  • Being aware of the issues of the repository in an open archive
  • Identifying the information to be gathered before making a deposit in HAL
  • Creating a deposit in the HAL “Université Paris Cité” portal
  • Taking advantages of the main services offered in the HAL portal (IdHAL, CV, bibliographic retrieval, etc.)


  • Direction générale déléguée des bibliothèques et musées

Practical information

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