Résumé de la formation

This training is designed to enable participants to take a step back from their work organization, understand the principles of time management and acquire tools and methods to optimize their daily time management.

Teaching methods : Balance between theoretical tools and practical exercises, reflexivity, personal work based on individual experience. If they have one, participants are invited to bring their laptop, in order to work on the tools during the training


MODULE 1 : Understanding the principles of time management

  • Analyse of one’s position, tasks and responsabities to identify the possible spaces for improvement.
  • Clarification of one’s missions
  • Quantification of one’s activities : how many time do we need to spend on tasks?
  • Identification of over-represented activities
  • Identification of under-represented activities
  • Analyse of one’s working environment : constraints and possible changes
  • Definition of goals for improvement


MODULE 2 : Establishing a reflexive diagnosis of one’s time management

  • Identification of time management rules appropriate for each level of the activity
  • Take your time… to gain time!
  • Jackpot activities
  • The importance of margins for planification
  • How to deal with interruptions ?
  • How to deal with “time thieves” ?


MODULE 3 : Time management in practice: methodologies adapted to research

  • Definition of SMART goals
  • Prioritization of activities
  • Short / medium / long-term anticipation
  • Human and material resources for planification
  • Saying no : why and how
  • Delegating tasks : why and how


MODULE 4 : Planning and monitoring: tools for managing time.

  • Planification and follow-up tools
  • How to choose and use them
  • Efficiency of communication
  • Team work
  • Planification of availability time

Training objectives :

  • To understand and to master the principles of time management
  • To be able to apply them through practical tools
  • To be able to apply these methods and tools to one’s research project in order to optimize the management of one’s working time
  • To master collaborative tools

Formateurs et formatrices

Informations pratiques

• Email (contact pédagogique) : formation@adoc-metis.com
• Dates prévisionnelles : Le 23 mai 2022 de 9h00 à 17h et 24 mai 2022 de 9h à 12h30.
• Lieu : ONLINE
• Durée : 9h/ 1,5 jours
• Pré-requis : aucun
• Public visé : doctoral candidates – all disciplines
• Effectif maximum : 12



Outils et méthodes

Gérer sa thèse


doctoral candidates – all disciplines


9h/ 1,5 jours





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