Managing your research with a data management plan : live workshop

Summary of the course

The DMP is a document in which the researchers describe 1) how they will collect and produce data; 2) how they will use, analyse and interpret research data; 3) and how data will be shared or protected, and stored during the project and afterwards.  This workshop will allow PhD students to apply the knowledge and concepts seen during the module OCS14 to design their own Data Management Plan (DMP) by presenting the DMPonline writing support.


This online workshop consists of two parts: 1) presentation of the goals of a Data Management Plan, 2) evaluation of a DMP, presentation of its various parts and many useful tools for its realization (DMPonline). The session has been designed to be very interactive and engaging and aims at applying open science practices in interaction with other PhD students.

Module program:

Part 1: Managing My Research Data: An Overview

  • Data Interview
  • Manage your data with the Open Science perspective
  • Data Management Plan (DMP) design

Part 2: A DMP for my thesis (and afterwards…)

  • Assessments of a DMP
  • The different sections of the DMP
  • DMPonline Writing Support Overview


  • Understanding the principles and issues of a Data Management Plan
  • Assessing a data management plan
  • Identifying tools to complete your DMP
  • Applying the guidelines of the DMP using a specialized platform (DMPonline)


Suzanne MPouli, Direction générale déléguée des bibliothèques et musées

Practical information

27th of November from 14:00 to 16:00 on Zoom






Online (Zoom)



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