As part of the BioMechanOE interdisciplinary project supported by Labex Who Am I?, a science popularisation component is proposed. A look back at the actions carried out in October 2023.

Fête de la Science 2023

Lecture “Metastability: matter on the brink” by Nicolas Chevalier, researcher at the Matter and Complex Systems Laboratory (CNRS/Université Paris Cité).

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Part of the BioMechanOE project is dedicated to communicating and popularising science to schoolchildren and the general public.

The Fête de la Science 2023 provided the opportunity to launch this part of the project with two conferences on October 10 and 12 in the Buffon amphitheatre at Université Paris Cité. Nicolas Chevalier, a CNRS researcher in the Matter and Complex Systems laboratory, led these two interactive presentations. The first session was aimed at adults, while two classes of the Collège Thomas Mann (secondary school, Paris 13) attended the second.
For more information on these events, click here: Metastability: matter on the brink
The video of this talk is also available here: Video (in FR)


On October 19, another experimental conference, again led by Nicolas Chevalier, was held at the Collège Thomas Mann, with three classes (75 pupils). There was a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of learning!

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