Apply and register

The application and registration processes will differ based on candidates’ profile and choice of program. Before you apply, we invite you to visit the Faculty’s program catalogue and discover the programs and their objectives, possibilities for continuing education, and career placement outlooks.

Do you have a question?

The Contact Center can assist you with administrative procedures related to applications, administrative registration and collecting diplomas.

How to Apply

> Are you a high school graduate interested in joining the first year of a Bachelor’s or University Bachelor’s of Technology program ?

You must complete the Parcoursup* procedure. You will be able to apply directly on the Parcoursup platform, which provides the necessary information on applications and deadlines.

* Except for candidates of the first year of a Bachelor’s program who are not citizens of the European Economic Area, do not reside in a CEF country, and who do not have a French baccalaureate. These candidates are to follow the preliminary request for admission (DAP) process.




> Do you want to join the 2nd or 3rd year of a Bachelor’s program, or join a Master’s program?

Candidates are to apply using the E-Candidat platform*.

* Except for applicants who are not citizens of the European Economic Area and who reside in a CEF country. These applicants must follow the Study in France procedure (“Études en France“).

> Do you want to do your PhD at our Faculty?

Admission for the first year of a PhD program is decided by the head of the institution on the recommendation of the director of the doctoral school, and after consultation with the thesis director and the director of the research team on the quality of the proposed research project and methodology. Interested candidates are to contact the doctoral school of their choice for more information about applying.

> Do you want to get a University Diploma or participate in skills training programs ?

You can find the information on how to apply by going to the program’s page in Université Paris Cité’s catalogue of professional continuing education programs, or on the dedicated continuing education page.