Language(s) of instruction: French and German (+ third language acquisition possibilities)

Length of study: 3 years, full time

Partner: Universität Bielefeld

Course Location:

  • 1st and 2nd year: Bielefeld University , Germany
  • 3rdyear: Université Paris Cité, France

Degrees awarded:

  • Licence d’Histoire, Université Paris Cité
  • Bachelor of Arts in History, Bielefeld University

Entry Requirements: French Baccalaureate or international equivalent. DAEU A. Applicants may have to take an interview and/or a German language test.

Language pre-requisites: Certified B2 in French and German or equivalent

Course overview

In an increasingly globalized world and an enlarged Europe, high intercultural and linguistic skills are an undeniable asset. The integrated Franco-German History programme is a selective, bi-national degree. It prepares simultaneously for two national diplomas: the French Licence and the German Bachelor, allowing students to spend two thirds of their bachelor in one of the best-ranked German universities in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The programme aims at giving students an in-depth knowledge of history, by periods and areas (ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary history, comparative history, history of non-Western worlds, cross-thematic history) while enabling students to develop high-level language skills. In the first two years, students also choose courses from other departments (language, sociology, philosophy, political sciences, economics, education…). Students also benefit from personalized tutoring and intensive language courses.

French and German students of the same cohort stay together during the entire duration of the programme (no entry in second or third year).

Skills and competencies developed
  • German and French language skills (non-mandatory intensive course in German in 1st semester)
  • Acquaintance with major debates in history, allowing students to develop their critical thinking and analysis of past as well as contemporary societies
  • The numerous written and oral works requested by both academic systems provide students with intercultural fluency and high-level linguistic, disciplinary and methodological skills. They are also highly encouraged to work in small groups.
  • Analytical skills

Contact: (Generic Program Address) 
Mrs. Sabine ZYZEMSKI, administrative Coordinator
Mr. Patrick FARGES, pedagogical coordinator