Graduate Schools

The Graduate Schools at Université Paris Cité, known as Écoles Universitaires de Recherche, offer diverse courses at both Master’s and doctoral levels. Emphasising international perspectives, these schools heavily rely on the university’s research units, particularly in medicine, natural sciences, engineering, humanities, and social sciences.

Our master’s and doctoral programmes are thoughtfully crafted to provide cross-disciplinary instruction rooted in multidisciplinary research. This approach aims to equip students with the skills to address modern scientific challenges, including advancing open science, promoting ethical and scientific integrity, and integrating sustainability principles into their academic pursuits.

Our Graduate Schools by fields

Graduate Schools in life sciences

Graduate Schools in physical sciences & engineering

Graduate Schools in social sciences and humanities

Our interdisciplinary training

In the SMARTS-UP programme, collaborative training initiatives are happening in our diverse Graduate Schools for Master’s and Ph.D. students. These initiatives aim to enhance their academic experiences and deepen their understanding of specific fields.


Led by expert speakers, these courses help students clarify their career goals and ease their transition into the professional world.


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International students

We make it easier for international students to join our Master’s programmes. Incoming mobility scholarships are available for associated Graduate Schools to host these students in various Master’s programmes.

Université Paris Cité students

We give scholarships to students for international internships. All Université Paris Cité Graduate Schools students can apply for these scholarships for internships abroad, lasting 1 to 6 months.