Graduate Schools

The Graduate Schools of Université de Paris offer an extensive range of postgraduate degrees. The schools cover all University’s fields of study and research, including medical and natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities. Our master and Ph.D. training programmes combine research-informed and cross-disciplinary teaching (e.g. open science, scientific integrity, sustainable development), preparing students to face scientific challenges and allowing them to thrive in all socio-economic sectors.

Life Sciences

EUR Génétique et Epigénétique Nouvelle Ecole (G.E.N.E)
Training students for future challenges in genetics and epigenetics. Read more

Offering multidisciplinary training in the research for prevention and treatments of infectious diseases.

Training students in cutting-edge bioinformatics techniques, enabling them to address new global challenges in health and personalized medicine.

Creating a bio-entrepreneurship ecosystem to promote education and technology transfer from laboratories to start-ups and companies.

Offering state of the art training in research for diseases of mineralized tissues, joints, muscles and tendons.

Offering cross-disciplinary teaching, combining training in immunology, hematology and cancerology.

At the interface between basic, clinical and translational research, our School is dedicated to the development of new drugs, from their conception to their use in medication.

Focusing on metabolic diseases – from molecular mechanisms to integrated pathophysiology – and on the study of the societal changes that may explain the increased incidence of these disorders.

Developing a multidisciplinary approach ranging from basic to clinical research and engineering, to train the next generation of neuroscientific experts.

Training experts in population health sciences, relying on a multidisciplinary research approach and combining the basic sciences of epidemiology and biostatistics.

This Interdisciplinary Graduate School focuses on bridging fundamental and applied research at the interfaces of Life, Learning and Digital sciences, using tools from collaborative innovation, citizen sciences and entrepreneurship to address the challenges of our time. Read more

Physical Sciences & Engineering

Training experts able to design solutions for major socio-economic challenges in health, energy and environment.

The goal of this Graduate School is to train leading scientists and engineers in the field of geosciences, astrophysics, physics of the Universe and space sciences.

This interdisciplinary Graduate School brings together experts in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine, helping students to explore and design new materials to face new socio-economic challenges.

Offering courses ranging from mathematics and theoretical computer science to modern applications with high social and interdisciplinary potential, such as data science, artificial intelligence and cryptography.

Training students in cutting-edge techniques in the field of quantum information, with a cross-disciplinary approach combining teaching in quantum physics and information theory.

Social Sciences and Humanities

Providing students with a double expertise in oriental languages and in human and social sciences.

Offering a multidisciplinary approach in language studies, leaning on leading research laboratories in theoretical linguistics, computer science, history, sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics.

Offering an innovative approach to scientific psychology, to train experts able of shedding light on the human factor and major current scientific issues.

Training experts in the analysis of processes, which trigger virtuous dynamics and moving from the analysis of fractures and crises to that of reconfigurations.

Training students in the theories and tools for implementing transitions based on an understanding of the risk and crisis potential of sustainability, and social and environmental equity and justice.