IdEx overview

The purpose of IDEX financing is to enable Université de Paris to position itself as one of the major players in higher education and research by enabling it, through the funds obtained, to launch new initiatives, to support innovative and creative approaches in teaching and research, for its international reach, or in pursuance of its public service mission

The IdEx strategy centers on four main actions

  • Research
  • Teaching and student life
  • International
  • Cross-disciplinary

Research Actions

 To strengthen the positioning of Université de Paris as a world-class intensive research university by:

  • promoting the emergence of new themes
  • developing the attractiveness of the university through a better environment
  • structuring high-level research platforms
  • promoting interdisciplinarity

Education and Student Life Actions

To enhance the quality and attractiveness of courses by:

  • promoting educational initiatives and the setting up of new curricula
  • strengthening the link between research and teaching at undergraduate level
  • promoting the professional integration of students, particularly at PhD level
  • accompanying the reform of health studies

International actions

To strengthen Université de Paris at the international level, in particular in Europe by:

  • developing emblematic partnerships with universities in capital cities
  • facilitating teacher and researcher exchanges, as well as links between research and training
  • promoting the arrival of international students and the mobility of our students
  • accompanying researchers and teachers in their applications for European projects

‘Cross-disciplinary’ actions

To contribute to the transformative dimension of Université de Paris creation by:

  • accompanying the construction and promotion of the new brand
  • supporting certain developments in structures or services
  • accompanying the opening of the university to its environment
  • developing new practices that strengthen the institution’s leadership capacity


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