Master in history, civilisations, heritage

Cities, Architecture, Heritage

Language(s) of instruction: depending on the chosen path, French and Italian (Italy)

Length of study: 2 years, full time

Partner:  Università di Bologna

Course Location:

  • 1st year: Université Paris Cité, France
  • 2ndyear: Università di Bologna, Italy

Degrees awarded:

  • Master Ville, Architecture, Patrimoine, Université Paris Cité
  • Laurea Magistrale in Archeologia e culture del mondo antico, Università di Bologna

Entry Requirements: Bachelor degree in either History or Social Sciences

Language pre-requisites: 

  • French: B2+
  • Italian: B2
Course overview

The Master in History, Civilisation, Heritage is a unique course aimed at students who seek to build a solid skill basis in historical research methods based on the internationalization of the fields of study and innovative approaches. The course is led in connection with two important international research centers.

The 1st year of the program is a common path for all student of the Master in History, Civilisations, Heritage. In the 2nd year, students get to choose between 4 paths, 3 of them being international ones. The speciality in Cities, Architecture and Heritage is one of those international paths. Students following this degree spend two semesters at Università di Bologna. In order to encourage an effective integration to each other’s culture, the exchange students meet before studying abroad. This enables students to discuss their research projects, strengthen their language skills as well as prepare for their stay abroad.

In addition to the regular follow-up of the French and Italian research directors, students are assigned a personal tutor in both Universities to support them with procedures and to answer questions. 

Skills and competencies developed
  • Literature search, archive work in both language of instruction
  • Oral and written communication in French and Italian/German
  • Preparation to the international workplace
  • Computer skills
  • Theoretical knowledge and practices in the field of heritage, archaeology, museology


Administrative coordinator
Mr. Gilles PIDARD
Pedagogical coordinator (Bologna path)
Ms. Laurence GILLOT