Quand :
18 juillet 2022 – 22 juillet 2022 Jour entier
Où :
Fortezza da Basso
2nd Colloquium on the physics and applications of metasurfaces @ Fortezza da Basso

Since about ten years, the concept of metasurfaces has gained considerable attention in the optics community, offering new perspectives for the realization of optical components with unexpected optical functionalities.
Devices such as holograms, polarimeters, cameras, lasers with arbitrary wavefronts, polarization sensitive imaging, nonlinear and quantum optical components with extended functionalities have been proposed.

The purpose of this workshop is to gather the academic community working on metasurfaces, after the first successful edition.
The topics of interests are fundamental principles and technological applications of metasurfaces, targeting new phenomena and advanced optical functionality of metasurfaces, with a careful attention on their applications in realistic optical systems.