Mathematical Sciences

The aims of the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences is to promote training for and through research in mathematics and fundamental computing at master and doctoral levels at the Université Paris Cité.


Training through research in mathematical science at the Université Paris Cité is carried out thanks to world-renowned master’s and doctoral programmes covering a broad spectrum of subjects. These programmes offer students the opportunity to train in most areas of mathematics and fundamental computing, but also to learn about modern applications in areas such as data, machine learning, security, modelling, etc.

Among other actions conducted by the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, the scholarship programme at master level is managed by the PGSM programme of the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris (FSMP) which exists for more than ten years. This scholarship programme, addressed to students from all over the world, offers the necessary support to pursue their studies in Paris. Students will be able to benefit the richness of the Parisian mathematical community, but also an ideal living and working environment.




The research themes of the laboratories cover the whole spectrum of mathematics and fundamental computing. The laboratories are part of a research network in mathematics that includes the main Parisian institutions and constitute a highly recognised and attractive environment at the international level.


Head of the Graduate School:

  • Prof. Arnaud DURAND
    Université Paris Cité

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