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8 December 2023 Jour entier
[Graduate School] Ecological challenges seminars

The “Ecological issues from a multidisciplinary perspective” seminar cycle of the EPOG+ Erasmus Mundus programme is jointly organised by Graduate School of Sustainability and Transitions, Centre Politique de la Terre and the Institut de la transition environnementale of the Sorbonne Université alliance. All the sessions will be given by world experts in the field in question.

The major ecological and social crisis facing planet Earth, its territories, living environments and inhabitants makes it necessary to address systemic, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary issues relating to the environment.

Heightened awareness of the effects of human activities on the major balances of the biosphere, including climate change, the extinction of biodiversity, pollution, considerable pressure on natural resources and habitat dynamics, are giving rise to major political and social debates.

Major cycles such as water, carbon, nitrogen, major telluric or climatic phenomena and energy resources are all processes that need to be rethought today in terms of their interactions with human activities.

The seminars are open to all, free of charge and can be taken online.


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