Doctoral Studies

With its 21 doctoral schools, Université Paris Cité offers many doctoral students the opportunity to train through research in all major disciplinary fields. At the national level, once fully operational, Université Paris Cité will offfer 5% of all PhD degrees in France.

Université Paris Cité is committed to a doctoral policy aimed at research training and training by research. It trains future researchers and teacher-researchers as well as future high-level executives.

Astronomy and Astrophysics Ile-de-France – ED 127
Director : Mr. Thierry FOUCHET
Contact : Mme Jacqueline PLANCY

Environmental Sciences Ile-de-France – ED 129
Director : Mme Pascale BOURUET-AUBERTOT
Contact : Mme Laurence AMSILI-TOUCHON

Doctoral School of Computer Science, Telecommunications, Electronics of Paris (EDITE) – ED 130
Director : Mr. Habib MEHREZ
Contact : Mme Dany RICHARD

Language, Litterature and Imagery : civilisations and humanities – ED 131
Director : Mr. Mathieu DUPLAY – Directrice adjointe : Mme Evelyne GROSSMAN
Contact : Mme Laura MERCIER

Cognition, Brain, Behaviour (ED3C) – ED 158
Director : Mr. Alain TREMBLEAU
Contact : Mme Rola FAOUR

Cognition, Behaviour, Human behaviour (3CH) – ED 261
Director : Mme Karine DORE-MAZARS
Contact : Mme Lucie ALEX

Legal, political sciences, economics and management – ED 262
Director : Mr. David NOGUERO
Contact : Mme Josie YEYE

Mathematical science Paris Centre – ED 386
Director: M. Elisha FALBEL – Directeur adjoint UP : M. Pierre-Henri CHAUDOUARD
Contact : Mme Amina HARITI

Physical Chemistry and Analytical chemistry – ED 388
Director : Mme Alexa COURTY
Contact : Mme Konnavadee SOOBRAYEN

Pierre Louis Doctoral School of Public Health in Paris : Epidemiology and Biomedical Information Sciences – ED 393
Director : Mr. Pierre-Yves BOËLLE
Contact : Mme Magali MOULIÉ

Research in Psychoanalysis – ED 450
Director : Mme Mi-Kyung YI
Contact : M. Ali BRADOR

Frontiers of Innovation in Research and Education (FIRE) – ED 474
Director : Mme Muriel MAMBRINI-DOUDET  Co-directeur David TARESTE
Contact : Mme Elodie KASLIKOWSKI

Earth and Environmental Sciences and Physics of the Universe – ED 560
Director : Mr. Fabien CASSE
Contacts : Mme Alissa MARTEAU

Hematology, Oncogenesis, and Biotherapies – ED 561
Director : Mr. Raphaël ITZYKSON
Contacts : Mme Aurélie BULTELLE

Bio Sorbonne Paris Cité – ED 562
Director : Mme Caroline LE VAN KIM – Co-Directrice : Mme Chantal DESDOUETS
Contacts : Mme Deborah DEPOST

Drug Toxicology, Chemistry and Imaging (MTCI) – ED 563
Director : Mme Marie-Christine LALLEMAND
Contact : Mme Elisabeth HOMBRADOS

Physics in Ile de France – ED 564
Director : Mr. Jean-François ALLEMAND
Director adjoint : Philippe LAFARGE
Contact : Mme Monia MESTAR

Sports, Motricity and Humain mobility sciences (SSMMH) – ED 566
Director : Mme Isabelle SIEGLER
Co-director: Mr. Bernard ANDRIEU
Contact : Mme Marie-Pierre RICHOUX

Language Sciences – ED 622
Director : Mme Ioana CHITORAN
Contact : Mme Chafia AIT-HELAL

Knowledge, Science, Education – ED 623
Co-Director : Mr. Fabrice VANDEBROUCK
Co-Director : Mme Soraya BOUDIA
Contact : Mme Dafni RODAMITOU

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