Since October 2018, Université Paris Cité is engaged in a project to create a European interuniversity campus, alongside six other European universities, in response to the European Commission’s call for projects. Recently named Circle U, this alliance is now endowed with a graphic identity.

A logo that places students at the centre of the stage

By associating this name with this logo, Circle U wishes to place the students at the heart of the project. The logo, created for the occasion, uses the red and blue colours present in the graphic identities of the members. The forms, on the other hand, are arranged in a dynamic and inclusive design that reflects the fundamental values and ambition of the alliance: to create a truly inter-European campus in which the student is the meeting point of the seven universities.

An alliance of seven multidisciplinary universities

By forming Circle U, the seven founding universities wish to create a European university that places pedagogical innovation and the links between research and teaching at the heart of its project. The objective is also to implement education that enables the training of real citizens capable of meeting the major scientific and societal challenges of tomorrow.

The University of Lisbon, which was initially part of the alliance, is now involved in another European university project selected last June by the European Commission. The University of Belgrade joined the consortium a few weeks ago. The final scope of the alliance now includes the Catholic University of Louvain, Université Paris Cité, University of Aarhus, Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Oslo, King’s College London and University of Belgrade.