Circle U. European University alliance is launching its third edition of its interdisciplinary summer schools. Organised by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Aarhus University and Université Paris Cité, in cooperation with UCLouvain. Applications are open to students and young researchers from all disciplines at the partner universities. Submissions are now open throughout February. Apply now!

Circle U. European University Alliance: Université Paris Cité, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, King’s College, London, UCLouvain, University of Oslo, Aarhus University, University of Belgrade, Université of Pisa and Université of Vienna


Rethinking Global Health – UCLouvain and Université Paris Cité

1 – 6 July (+ online sessions in Fall 2024)

Designed for PhD students including postgraduate medical doctor students (MD) from any discipline with an interest for the health field, the Global Health Summer School offers a unique learning environment, providing exposure to a wide range of topics such as health inequalities from an individual to a global perspective, the distribution of health resources, migration and the role of women’s health, and the past and future of globalized medicine, from colonial medicine to global health. Through a combination of lectures, active learning, group work, and dilemma-based approaches, participants will reflect on global health challenges while developing critical thinking skills.

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Democratic Governance and the Politics of Poverty – University of Oslo

5-9 August (+ 1 digital lecture in June 2024)

This interdisciplinary course offers an in-depth examination of poverty as a critical issue affecting over a billion people in the world. The goal is to explore the persistence of various forms of poverty within the context of national and international policies. By employing a range of analytical tools, students will gain the skills necessary to critically assess and understand the influence of factors like democracy, human rights, corruption, climate change, and foreign aid on efforts towards poverty alleviation.

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Empowering Climate Action: Policy, Communication & Agency – Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

22-26 July (+ 5 online sessions)

Learn about concepts of climate science, discover the potential of mitigation actions, the dynamics of environmental psychology, climate politics and communication tools. Together with Circle U. peers from nine European cities, you will not only learn about basic concepts of climate science, but also discover the potential of mitigation actions, as well as the dynamics of environmental psychology, climate politics and communication tools.

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Light in the Dark: Exploring the Causes, Concepts, and Consequences of Corruption – Aarhus University

1-5 July 2024 + online sessions in May and June

Corruption pervades many sectors of society, undermines democracy, is detrimental to public trust in institutions, and limits access to justice. However, corruption is inherently difficult to study as many corrupt activities go unreported or are not officially documented. In this course, we will shed light on the study of these “dark figures” of corruption by adopting an interdisciplinary approach. The programme is geared toward PhD students. MA students who are in their final year, writing their dissertation on corruption may also apply and will be accepted if slots are available.

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Language in Education Research: Ecological and Mixed Methods Approaches – UCLouvain

7-10 August 2024 

Organised by the Multilingualism, Interculturality and Language Lab, “” platform, participants will not only delve into the intricacies of planning, implementing, and analyzing ecologically framed mixed methods studies, but also explore the broader implications for research paradigms, such as design-based research for investigating language in education. The programme is open to researchers (PhD Students, PostDocs and Language Teachers) in the fields of applied SLA, instructed SLA and educational research.

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Call for applications: SDG Summer School 2024

Call for applications: SDG Summer School 2024

The Learning Planet Institute offers students from Université Paris Cité the opportunity to participate in the SDG Summer School, taking place in an international framework in Paris from June 24 to July 19th.  Addressing sustainability issues, this year, the theme is...

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