Faculty of Sciences management team

In accordance with the University’s statutes, Alain Zider was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Sciences by the President of Université Paris Cité on the proposal of the Faculty Council. The Faculty of Sciences management team is also composed of two statutory vice-deans.

Alain Zider

Dean of the Faculty of sciences


Alain Zider is Professor of Genetics at Université Paris Diderot and was Director of the UFR Life Sciences from June 2013 to July 2019. He is co-director of the European Magistère in Genetics at the Universities Paris Diderot and Paris Descartes and the University Research School G.E.N.E. His research work, which he carries out at the Institut Jacques Monod, focuses on development and oncogenesis. Since May 2018, Alain Zider has been one of the three academic prefigurators of the Faculty of Sciences.

Université Paris Cité is an extraordinary opportunity and challenge for all of us, students, staff and researchers. Its governance will be structured around three major faculties and an institute, with broad competences hitherto devolved to the central level of the university. This strong autonomy of the faculties will enable us to provide the right level of proximity to the components, research units and staff. This faculty will in no way replace the components but will enable us to better support and develop their projects. This faculty must also be the place where we will develop interdisciplinarity and our interactions, as much between the major disciplinary fields of the Faculty of Science as between the faculties and the IPGP. I hope that we can build, with the participation of all of us, an ambitious, creative and forward-looking Faculty of Sciences, integrated into the construction project of Université Paris Cité, in order to develop and strengthen our training, our research, our components, and our teaching.

Faculty of Sciences management team

Vice-doyen recherche et Président de la Commission Recherche

Vice-doyenne formation et Présidente de la Commission Formation
Marie-Agnès SARI

Vice-doyenne relations Internationales
Isabelle GRENIER

Vice-doyenne en charge des plateformes scientifiques 

Vice-Doyen en charge de la valorisation 

Vice-Doyenne en charge de la formation continue et professionnelle 
Mireille VIGUIER

Vice-doyen en charge du pôle technologique

Vice-doyenne étudiante de la Faculté des Sciences
Sterenn LE COR

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