Drug Development

The Graduate School aims to train researchers and healthcare professionals in the field of drug discovery and development. The training includes various subjects associating fundamental, clinical and translational research.

The Master’s programmes are designed for students for gain understanding and expertise from the Faculties of Pharmacy and of Sciences collaborating with the university’s research centres and teams as well as hospitals and socio-economic stakeholders such as the pharmaceutical industry.


On the international scene, many French and European universities are involved in the Graduate School of Drug Development leading to a number of Master’s programmes, labelled Erasmus Mundus and/or joint-degrees, mainly taught in English. The Graduate School work in close collaboration with other Graduate Schools such as École de Chimie Physique de Paris and Innovative Therapies in Cancerology.

The Graduate School of Drug Development gathers students from different pathways, scientific as well as health-based, blending them together with veterinarians and students from other higher institutions. The Graduate School has excellent Master’s students thanks to A-levelled students specialised in scientific subjects such as chemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics, biology, genetics, or in relation with these subjects.

Along with the research units of Université Paris Cité and those of other French universities, many research teams, institutes, laboratories, and most national agencies in the field of drug receive students for internship.


Anne-Claude CAMPROUX
Michel VIDAL


In order to meet the academic and private sectors’ drug demands, the Graduate School of Drug Development provides students with necessary knowledge and skills to pursuit their career in either the research or professional area.

Along these lines, the Graduate School has a both national and international network of research projects and industrial internships. Researchers in industry are involved in the introduction of the course catalogue and some of them teach master and doctoral level classes. In addition, the doctoral school organise seminars and scientific events.


The different research units work together through their doctoral schools:


The Graduate School of Drug Development is managed by:

  • Prof. Anne-Claude CAMPROUX
    Faculty of Science
  • Prof. Michel VIDAL
    Faculty of Health

The steering committee of the school is formed by:

  • Karine ANDRIEUX
  • Xavier COUMOUL
    Head of the College of Doctoral Schools

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