Drug Development

The mission of the Graduate School of Drug Development is to cultivate a cadre of researchers and healthcare professionals who specialise in drug development, embracing a comprehensive approach that considers the entire life cycle of medications. This educational pursuit spans a wide array of disciplines, from foundational research to clinical applications, and encompasses both experimental and computational methodologies.

In pursuit of excellence in training, the Graduate School leverages the wealth of expertise found within the Masters programmes of the Faculty of Health and the Faculty of Science, forging close partnerships with numerous university research centers and teams. Furthermore, it fosters collaborations with hospitals and engages with stakeholders in the socio-economic sphere, particularly within the pharmaceutical industry. The overarching goal is to furnish students with a robust, hands-on education in the field of drug development.


In an international context, the Graduate School of Drug Development collaborates closely with several French and European universities. Its programmes, primarily conducted in English, provide opportunities for students to earn dual degrees and/or receive Erasmus Mundus accreditation. It fosters strong connections with other graduate schools, including the École de Chimie Physique de Paris and the Graduate Schools of Innovative Therapies in Cancerology, Translational Bioinformatics, and One Health-Emerging Infectious Diseases.

The Graduate School of Drug Development attracts health science students, including veterinarians specialising in certain areas, as well as a diverse array of students from various higher education institutions. Its multidisciplinary approach allows individuals with scientific bachelor’s degrees in fields such as chemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics, biology, genetics, or related interdisciplinary fields, nationally and internationally, to enroll in its Master’s programmes.

Drawing on the expertise of the “Drug and Health Product Sciences,” “Nanomedicine,” “Toxicology-Ecotoxicology,” and “Bioinformatics: In Silico Drug Design” Master’s programmes offered by the Faculties of Health and Science, the Graduate School leverages its strengths in pharmaceuticals. This breadth of offerings is rare among universities, creating a dynamic and enriching learning environment enriched by the diverse backgrounds of its students.

Internship opportunities for Master’s students span across research units within Université Paris Cité and other French universities, as well as various prestigious institutes and laboratories (including INSERM, CNRS, IRD, Pasteur, Curie, CEA, and INRIA), pharmaceutical companies, and national drug agencies such as ANSM, ANSES, INERIS, INRS, and IRSN. These placements provide invaluable practical experience and networking opportunities within the drug development field.

Additionally, the Graduate School of Drug Development offers a range of sandwich courses designed to facilitate apprenticeship integration and foster closer ties with industry partners.


Anne-Claude CAMPROUX
Michel VIDAL


To fulfill the academic and professional standards of the pharmaceutical sector, the Graduate School of Drug Development is dedicated to equipping students with the necessary training and expertise for success in research or the workforce.

Benefiting from a robust national and international network, the Graduate School provides diverse internship opportunities in academic and industrial environments. Industry professionals actively participate in course development by teaching in both Master’s and doctoral programmes. Moreover, the Graduate School of Drug Development hosts regular seminars and scientific events within its doctoral schools, fostering a forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration.


Due to its expansive scope, the Graduate School of Drug Development collaborates with numerous partner laboratories on both national and international scales. Leveraging this extensive network, which includes esteemed scientists, the school offers students unparalleled access to top-tier expertise across various disciplines. This diversified network opens doors to a wide array of internship opportunities, spanning academic and industrial settings alike.

Committed to equipping students with the requisite training and skills to address the evolving demands of both academia and the private sector within the pharmaceutical field, the Graduate School works closely with its associated Research Units (UMR) through collaborative doctoral schools.

For a comprehensive overview of the involved laboratories, please refer to the following links:


The Graduate School of Drug Development is managed by:

  • Prof. Anne-Claude CAMPROUX
    Faculty of Science
  • Prof. Michel VIDAL
    Faculty of Health

The steering committee of the Graduate School is formed by:

  • Karine ANDRIEUX
  • Armelle BAEZA
  • Xavier COUMOUL
  • Ludovic JEAN
  • Olivier TABOUREAU

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