International policy

Université Paris Cité located in the heart of Paris integrates an international dimension to its global institutional strategy for research and education.

The international ambition of Université Paris Cité is to build key partnerships to lead research excellence, develop tools and innovative programs, that guarantees its attractiveness.

Building key partnerships in pursuit of research excellence

An establishment with global reach

Key collaborations are being undertaken with prominent European and American universities. Cooperation with Oxford, Cambridge, Heidelberg, Stanford, Harvard and MIT are the six universities with whom researchers from Université Paris Cité co-publish most often. The university has all the advantages to strengthen its interactions and collaborations with other global institutions in terms of size, population and economy. Université Paris Cité focuses on monitoring geopolitical and geostrategic developments to steer and adjust its long-term strategy.

Actively involved in Europe

In Europe, Université Paris Cité is developing its partnerships notably with London and Berlin. Thanks to the interdisciplinary approach, it will be in synergy with the new instruments of the European research funding and will be able to respond efficiently to calls for proposals launched by the European Union. Together with the Guild of European universities of research, it intends to influence the European Union’s scientific policy decisions, and participate in the construction of a collective model of international excellence. Thus, Université Paris Cité wishes to contribute to the building of a European university that meets the requirements of truly international research and education for the community, in line with the sustainable development objectives to which Europe is committed for the world.
Université Paris Cité’ application for the HR Excellence in Research label demonstrates the institution’s active participation in the development of the European Research Area.

Ensuring international social responsibility

The work undertaken by the three faculties to strengthen the partnerships with developing countries, in particular in Africa will be pursued. This will be a strong strategic focus in close cooperation with organizations such as the Research Institute for Development (IRD). It will contribute to the diversification of our approach and positioning.

Innovative tools and programs that guarantee its attractiveness

Developing talent

Well-endowed academic scholarships will be offered to the best graduate students from partner institutions wishing to study in Paris. They will also be accessible to Université Paris Cité students who would like to enroll in short term study abroad programs.  The objective of the program will be to serve as lever for recruiting international PhD students. 

Collaborating with prominent researchers

An ambitious guest researcher program, combining both research and teaching chairs, will be developed to foster interactions with key partners.

Promoting diversity

The ‘internationalisation at home’ project is based on the development of curricula designed from the outset for international students who wish to embrace future challenges, not only on scientific advancements but on a societal level as well. Université Paris Cité will support their incubation and development with academia and researchers.The development of a learning path in English will enhance  the attractivenes of Université Paris Cité for its students with diverse backgrounds, coming from all over the world.

A university open to the world

The increase in outgoing mobility of students as a driver of excellence will be a key focus. It will be required for local students enrolled in international programs to spend a semester or even a year abroad. The objective will be to reach 20% of outgoing mobility for all of our programs.

Student Experience

The student experience is at the core of the international relations strategy of Université Paris Cité and involving a number of players. The emphasis is providing support to incoming international students in all the facets of their training and during their stay (administrative procedures, finding quality housing, etc)