Learning languages

Two language centres offer students and staff of Université Paris Cité the opportunity to discover, learn or study a choice from ten languages free of charge (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, French as a foreign language, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabic) as well as to take the TOEIC exam.

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Learning languages: a vital asset

On the Grands Moulins campus, the “Centre de Ressources en Langues” (Language Resource Centre) offers a free service accessible to all students and staff at Université Paris Cité wishing to improve their linguistic skills, study, or just to teach themselves a new language. The CRL makes available to its users:

  • 50 open-access computers
  • A mandatory language course for first-year students.
  • A training classroom
  • Internet access
  • Office automation tools
  • 7 instructors specialising in language and ICT
  • Simple, user-friendly and innovative language learning methods

On the Odéon campus, the language centre offers free language courses and workshops for students and staff at Université Paris Cité

Test your English knowledge by taking the TOEIC

Université Paris Cité students and staff have the opportunity to prepare the test and take the test.

Valid for 2 years, the Test of English for International Communication adds value to your diploma and meets the needs of private companies (recruitment, internal promotion, training).

The TOEIC allows you to:

  • Support academic and professional success
  • Facilitate international employability
  • Evaluate your level of English in a professional context
  • Capitalise on your skills
  • Grow professionally (promotion, international mobility)

It allows you to test two skills:

  • Listening comprehension skill: TOEIC Listening
  • Reading comprehension skill: TOEIC Reading

Contacts :

To register on the Moodle platform at Centre de Langues Odéon site



Grands Moulins Campus
CRL – Centre de Ressources en Langues
‘Olympe de Gouges’ Building – 2nd Floor – Room 240
8 place Paul Ricœur – Paris 75013
01 57 27 64 77
Welcome with or without an appointment
On simple presentation of your student card
Odéon Campus
Language centre
12 rue de l’École de Médecine Paris, 75006
01 76 53 33 25 / 01 42 86 33 25
Monday to Thursday 9.30am-12.30pm and 1pm-4.30pm
Friday 9am-12.30pm

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