Master aire: digital sciences

Language(s) of instruction: English

Length of study: 2 years, full time

Course Location: Learning Planet Institute (LPI), Paris, France

Degrees awarded: Master AIRE – Digital Sciences

Entry Requirements: Students can apply with a bachelor degree or equivalent. Students may enter directly the 2nd year of the program under the condition they successfully graduated from their 1st year of Master’s degree or equivalent. Students are coming from all over the world and from very different backgrounds (Educational Science, Computer Science, Psychology, Economy, Design, Medicine, Humanities, Biology, Cognitive Sciences, etc.). The selection is based on proven interest in interdisciplinary, motivation and previous record, as well as an interview with the pedagogical team.

Language pre-requisites:B2 level in English is required (ideally C1)

Course overview

The Master AIRE in Digital Sciences grows up on the rich field of our international network of scientists, the guests of the CRI. They bring life sciences closer to the sciences of learning it. They move the frontiers of knowledge. The scientific materials are the data coming from living systems, social systems, and machines. Students following this program will learn computer knowledge, under the light of the sociology of digital worlds.

Skills and competencies developed
  • Analyse, represent and share complex systems data related to living being, human society or machines
  • Analyse cognition and learning mechanism into their social context, as part of service or program design
  • Translate concepts into prototypes to encourage experimentations in the field of innovation (virtual and augmented reality, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning)
  • Develop experimental and theoretical approaches to serve the need for innovation in organization on an international scale
  • Master concepts and ties of open science
  • Implement open source and open access tools and practices
  • Mobilize interdisciplinary experimental research techniques and methods