Master in earth and planet sciences, environment: solid earth science

Language(s) of instruction: English       

Length of study: 1 year, full time

Course Location: Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP), Paris, France

Degrees awarded: Master in Earth, Planetary and Environmental Sciences – Solid Earth Sciences

Entry Requirements:Minimum four years of undergraduate/master’s degree, European M1 level or USA/Asian B4 (senior) equivalent, in (geo-) physics, (geo-) chemistry, geology, computer science, mathematics and/or engineering. Fluency in English is required.

Language pre-requisites: Good level in English, minimum B2, ideally C1.

Course overview

The International Master in Solid Earth Sciences (IMSES) is a one-year program set up at the second year of the European Master level. Its objective is to train top-level solid-earth geoscientists in the fields of geophysics, geology or geochemistry. A maximum of 10 students coming from all over the world are admitted each year, with the possibility for non-French students to be awarded a fellowship (1000 euros/month for 10 months; up to 7 fellowships awarded each year). A wide range of courses are available, all taught in English. Training through research work and complex problem solving allows IMSES graduates to subsequently pursue a PhD in academia or work in industry.

Skills and competencies developed
  • Acquire fundamental knowledge and get exposure to state-of-the-art techniques in areas of Solid Earth sciences (Geophysics, Geochemistry or Geology)
  • Develop critical analysis skills and oral and written science communication skills


Administrative coordinator: Pascale PETITGAS
Pedagogical coordinator: Hélène CARTON