Master in history, civilisations, heritage

African, American, Asian and middle east world:
societies, challenges, origins

Language(s) of instruction: depending on the chosen path:

  • French and Italian (Italy)
  • French and German (Germany)
  • French and Japanese (Japan)

Length of study: 2 years, full time (please be aware that the academic year in Japan starts in April, not September)


Course Location:

  • 1styear: Université Paris Cité, France
  • 2nd year : to choose between:
    • Università di Bologna, Italy
    • University of Bielefeld, Germany (students can choose to spend the 1st year in Bielefeld and the 2nd year in Paris)
    • Kobe University, Japan

Degrees awarded

  • Master Recherche mention Histoire, Civilisations, Patrimoine, parcours « Mondes africains, américains, asiatiques et moyen-orientaux : sources, sociétés, enjeux »
  • One of the three following degrees:
    • Laurea Magistrale “Scienze Storiche e orientalistiche”, Università di Bologna
    • Master of Arts (M.A.) in History/Geschichtswissenschaft, Universität Bielefeld
    • Master of Arts, Kobe University

Entry Requirements: Bachelor degree in either History or Social Sciences

Language pre-requisites:

  • French: B2+
  • Depending on the chosen path:
    • German: B2
    • English : TOEFL PBT 550 ; IBT 79 ; IELT 6.0
    • Italian: B2
    • Japanese: JLPT level 3
Course overview

The Master in History, Civilization, Heritage is a unique course aimed at students who seek to build a solid skill basis in historical research methods based on the internationalization of the fields of study and innovative approaches. The course is led in connection with three important international research centers.

It aims at analyzing the transnational and globalization phenomena. It offers to study the history of non-European societies from their own point of view and logic. This Master strives both at understanding the dynamics by which these societies construct their spaces of autonomy in complex environments and at understanding the different mechanisms domination, thus highlighting the specificities of the various political constructions and societies in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

This program is available as a joint degree with 3 partners in Germany, Italy and Japan (each with specific conditions)

Skills and competencies developed
  • Skills in one of the three languages of instructions of the partner universities
  • Ability to teach, create or participate in the elaboration of lessons plans and publish fundamental research or participate in the elaboration of research programs
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills including public speaking
  • Critical analysis
  • Archiving (organizing and classifying set of documents and data)
  • Preparation for the international workplace


Administrative coordinator
Mr. Gilles PIDARD,
Pedagogical coordinators
Mr. Didier LETT – Bologna path 
Mr. Patrick FARGES – Bielefeld path
Mrs. Nathalie KOUAME – Kobe path
Ms. Laurence Gillot – path « Villes, Architecture, Patrimoine »