“Parlons demain” with Dimitri Labat

Parlons demain is a serie of interviews with Université Paris Cité alumni that enlighten the future.

Dimitri is one of them ! He’s the co-founder of Chipiron. Let’s meet him.

Chipiron has been singled out by Challenges magazine as one of the 100 start-ups to invest in in 2022. Its promise: to make MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Dimitri’s academic background is outstanding. He holds an agrégation in physics, a degree from the Ecole Normale Supérieure and a Phd in condensed matter physics. Dimitry is a true jack-of-all-trades ! He has taught Physics, done fundamental research and worked at the Banque de France where he designed and implemented mathematical models to monitor the activity of insurance companies.

When he created Chipiron, Dimitri wanted to “take research out of the laboratory and make it have a direct impact on people’s lives and on society”. His goal is to democratize MRI and give access to this powerful medical imaging technique to all of those who need it to benefit from the best medical imaging technique available.

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