As part of the PAUSE programme, launched by the Collège de France, Université Paris Cité supports and welcomes researchers in difficult situations who are forced into exile by enabling them to find refuge and continue their work in France. Since 2018, more than seven researchers have been able to conduct their research in our laboratories. Over the past few months, we have met two of them, Mohamed Takook (Iran) from the Astro Particles and Cosmology Laboratory and Tayebe Musavi (Afghanistan) from the Research Center for Psychoanalysis, Medicine and Society.  Discover their testimonials.

The PAUSE programme was launched with support from the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior, bringing together major institutions in the higher education and research community. At Université Paris Cité, the programme is supported by our laboratories, in partnership with the internationalisation department.

The PAUSE programme aims to protect and accommodate PhD students, scientists and artists who can no longer pursue their activities in their home countries. The programme provides incentive funding to host exiled individuals in higher education and research institutions in France for sufficiently long periods of time to facilitate their transition, continue their work and provide shelter for their families. The programme also provides assistance with administrative procedures and professional integration.


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