Steering IDEX

The IdEx application, submitted in December 2017 and approved in March 2018, provides for two steering structures for the Idex: a steering committee and an executive board.

IdEx transitional steering was provided by the USPC (Université Sorbonne Paris Cité) until 31 December 2019.

Until then, the governance and management of IdEx project remained under the responsibility of the USPC, which elaborated management and monitoring processes for the Idex.

IdEx Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, as a strategic body, determines the main directions and priorities as well as funding allocation. It meets 4 times a year and submits its decisions to Université de Paris Executive Council for a vote. Each year, the Committee presents the progress and developments of the IdEx to the Academic Senate, which for the occasion includes representatives of the partner institutions. This steering committee shall be chaired by the President of Université de Paris and shall include representatives of the partners, including the research organisations, as well as the Vice-President for the IdEx, the Vice-President for Research and the Vice-President of Université de Paris for Teaching and University life.

Office of the IdEx Steering Committee

The office of the IdEx Steering Committee, in charge of the current affairs, meets monthly. It is composed of the President of Université de Paris, the VP IdEx, the VP Research and the VP Université de Paris for Teaching and university life, two representatives of the research organisations and two representatives of the other partners (an alternating representation of these partners will be adopted on the basis of a semi-annual rotation between the university Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3 and the Paris university 13; and between Sciences Po and Inalco).


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