In September 2022, Circle U. and their external partners are launching the Circle U. Challenge. Université Paris Cité and APHP (Paris University Hospital Trust) will offer students in the alliance the opportunity to tackle a challenge which will focus on finding eco-responsible solutions in healthcare.

Circle U. European University Alliance: Université Paris Cité, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, King’s College, London, UCLouvain, University of Oslo, Aarhus University, University of Belgrade, Université of Pisa and Université of Vienna.

What is the Circle U. Challenge?

The Circle U. Challenge will empower students from across the alliance to develop solutions to authentic challenges posed by civic partners such as university hospitals, local authorities, and charities in the cities and regions of the Circle U. partner universities. Teams of international students solve together challenges posed by external stakeholders (i.e., hospitals, businesses, local authorities, associations,) and propose solutions.

« Creating an Eco-responsible Hospital» Université Paris Cité and APHP (Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris)

Designed by professors from Université Paris Cité and its associated partner APHP (Paris University Hospital Trust), this challenge aims to tackle the challenges of climate change in the hospital environment. APHP seeks to raise awareness of sustainable development and climate change issues among healthcare professionals and public stakeholders. Eco-responsibility is a major societal challenge that must be applied to all human activities. One of the objectives is to contribute to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions in hospitals. Through a comprehensive eight-month program, Circle U. students will have the opportunity to contribute to this challenge and develop eco-friendly solutions around this issue. Read more

Target audience

Are you a forward-thinker, a doer, a game-changer? Are you a future healthcare professional conscious of the threat the industry poses to the environment? Are you a responsible citizen of the world wanting to reduce the carbon footprint of hospitals? Are you longing for real action instead of green washing?  This challenge is for you!

This challenge is open to students of all study levels (BA, MA, and PhD) from the following universities: Aarhus University, University of Belgrade, King’s College London, UCLouvain, Université Paris Cité, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and University of Oslo.


  • Application process from September 1st to October 15th 2022
  • Matchmaking and team formation from October 15th to October 31st 2022
  • Bootcamp from November 1st to November 18th 2022
  • Online pitch day on November 22nd 2022
  • Info session to be held by each partner university to explain further propositions and the functioning of the program to student teams from their university (November 2023)
  • Mentored solution development phase from November 24th to April 30th 2023
  • Final event in May 2023

How to apply ?

To apply for the Circle U. challenges in Paris and our partner universities, click on the application form here. 

Deadline for application submission

October 15th 2022



During the challenge, on a weekly basis lead mentors will accompany the student teams.  They will provide methodological and pedagogical support. They will also serve as a liaison between the student teams and expert mentors. Learn more about the mentors below.

Viktoria NAGY

After undergraduate studies in law and medicine, Viktoria Nagy majored in modern French literature and linguistics. Coming from a multilingual and multidisciplinary background, she has specialized in scientific language use, innovative, active pedagogies, and educational change-making, especially in the health education field. A tenured teacher at University Paris Cité, she has created several interdisciplinary curricula with a learning while doing, action- and case-based approach and an emphasis on critical thinking and transferable skills. Currently, she co-coordinates the implementation of a problem-based learning model with Pr. Elizabeth Macintyre at the Medical Faculty, and her research explores the (inter)cultural, systemic, cognitive (and linguistic) determinants of the feasibility of upscaled, student-led, case-based innovative pedagogies. She has been the Université Paris Cité lead in Circle U. dedicated to ‘Student-led sustainable innovation’ for a year and has put in place several programmes in that capacity.


Dr. Nicolas Loménie is a teacher-researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. He is particularly interested in computational pathology lately. He is a member of LIPADE, the applied computer science laboratory of Université Paris Cité, and of the newly created Data Intelligent Institute of Paris (DIIP). He is an alumnus of the Entrepreneur First program at Station F and is currently in charge of the student entrepreneurship program which manages the national status of the same name. In 2021, he participated in the first competition combining research and entrepreneurship, the Zeugma competition, which brings together all the PEPITEs of Ile de France.



Instructional designer w­­­­­­­orking at Université Paris Cité. Clara Joffo supports the educational transformation of university, especially for the medicinal faculty. Her missions are to develop and implement innovative and/or hybrid educational programs (blended learning), and to produce multimedia resources and to script e-learning modules. Clara has also been actively participating in the problem-based learning project at the medical faculty.

Expert Mentors

Expert mentors will have regular prescheduled meetings with students to answer specific, in-depth questions concerning the topic of the challenge and students’ projects.


Florence Brunet-Possenti is associate professor of dermatology, she works at Hôpital Bichat (AP-HP). Her clinical expertise and research area focus on oncodermatology. Dr Brunet-Possenti launched in 2020 at Univeristé Paris Cité the first course related to the health effects of climate change. She now coordinates the national course dedicated to environmental health for the French medical students. She also participates to transdisciplinary trainings related to this topic.

Dr. Stéphanie SIGAUT

Dr. Stéphanie Sigaut is anesthesiologist and intensivist at Beaujon Hospital, AP-HP, and associate researcher in the INSERM NeuroDiderot laboratory. She develops a healthcare and research activity on peri-operative neuro-cognitive medicine. Due to her clinical activity in the operating room, which is the primary provider of CO2 and greenhouse gases in a hospital, she has been keen for several years to improve her department’s carbon footprint and raise awareness among hospital students about environmental issues related to healthcare.

Dr. Louis Potier, MD, PhD

Dr. Louis POTIER, MD, PhD, is assistant professor in the Department of Diabetology, of Bichat Hospital and at Université Paris Cité. He specializes in diabetes, especially in chronic complications of diabetes. Dr. Potier is a member of the sustainable development board at APHP (Paris University Hospital Trust) and has a specific interest in the development of bicycle use for everyday commute by improving bike facilities at work.


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