Entrepreneurship is an exciting human adventure, but also a rewarding professional experience in which Université de Paris is committed to supporting its students.

Whether you have just the first inklings of an idea, or you have already created your company: Université de Paris helps students with their entrepreneurial approach.

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Our goal is to help our students succeed by enabling them to combine their studies and personal projects to the best possible way.

Entrepreneurship is also about creating value – whether be it economic, cultural or social.
All projects are welcome, whether you want to launch a startup or a cooperative, take over a business or set up an association.

Université de Paris aims to help every student or recent graduate, regardless of background, to succeed in their entrepreneurial project, from the initial idea to its achievement, whether individually or collectively.
The university is involved in three areas, according to the needs and progress of each student:

Raising awareness

Training courses


To do this, Université de Paris jointly with its partners at PEPITE CréaJ IDF, has set up a network of institutions promoting entrepreneurship :

  • Masterclasses, workshops, forums, …
  • Speed-dating to find partners and collaborators ;
  • Courses, MOOCs ;
  • Creativity Competition ;
  • Immersion into the eco-system ;
  • Lectures ;
  • Meetings.

National Student Entrepreneur Status

In order to benefit from these activities and be registered with the administration, the student must apply for national student-entrepreneur status. “Entrepreneurship advisers” accompany the student in the process until his or her application is submitted on the Ministry platform.
The new graduate will also have to register for the D2E student entrepreneur diploma.

With the student-entrepreneur status, the student can easily get in touch with the network of partners and members of the PEPITE Creaj IDF to find the skills and advice he/she needs to move forward in his/her project. For example: accounting firm, support specialists, trainers, photo studio

Finally, thanks to the student-entrepreneur status and subject to this being possible in their courses, the student may eventually convert to an entrepreneurial project. In other words, instead of going to a company or lab to do his/her internship, he/she can spend that time moving his/her project forward.

In addition, the university provides its students with free tools to facilitate their daily life, such as the POP collaborative space and the Fablab on the Grands Moulins campus, coworking spaces on Campus Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and the IUT Starter on the Mirabeau site.

Junior enterprises

In some partner institutions and at the Denis Diderot School of Engineering, you will also find junior companies: it is a good way for the student to develop his/her entrepreneurial skills and achieve professional experience in his/her academic field.

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* Université de Paris is a member of the Student Centre for Innovation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship / CREAJ-IDF.




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Université de Paris is to Change its Legal Name

Université de Paris is to Change its Legal Name

Le ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation (MESRI) et Université de Paris prennent acte de la décision d’annulation partielle du décret n°2019-209 sur la dénomination de l’université. Si un travail est d’ores et déjà engagé afin de proposer rapidement aux instances de l’établissement une nouvelle dénomination juridique, ensemble, ils soulignent toute la pertinence et la dynamique d’un projet d’excellence qui porte déjà ses fruits en France et à l’international.