Innovative pedagogy

Facilities, support and advice, third sites: Université de Paris encourages and multiplies pedagogical innovations.

Université de Paris is rooted in the conviction that higher education and research must accompany the profound changes that our societies are undergoing and which affect individuals in their relationship to knowledge, their ability to make society, their relationship to others and to themselves, with a concern for sustainable development. The success of all students, from the moment they enter university, is one of the priorities of Université de Paris.

Teaching differently

In recent years, the landscape of higher education has changed significantly. These upheavals have strong implications for the life of institutions and the practices of the various players. Pedagogical innovation, flexibilisation, internationalisation and interdisciplinarity are at the heart of the challenges facing Université de Paris. With the question of pedagogical innovation, it is the place of the teacher as well as that of the student or knowledge that is being questioned.

In this context, the pedagogical innovation pole of Université de Paris supports and advises teachers and pedagogical teams in the evolution of teaching practices and the implementation of innovative training systems.

It also aims to participate in the development of the digital skills of students and staff of Université de Paris.

Pedagogical innovation revolves around the following actions:

  • Training teachers, teacher-researchers and accompany them to change
  • Helping the adoption of innovative tools, including the Moodle platform
  • Encourage the implementation of educational projects, in a spirit of collective intelligence. Students of EU Pedagogical Innovation have the opportunity to participate in the co-construction of projects supervised by teachers and the pedagogical engineering team
  • Encourage responses to calls for tenders concerning education
  • Contribute to the process of communication, dissemination and pedagogical monitoring by implementing peer feedback during snacks and pedagogical seminars in order to improve student learning and success.
  • Getting involved in training courses in relation with the UFRs to support the development of students’ skills and prepare them for the certification of digital skills (PIX).

Learning in a different way

At Université de Paris, innovations contribute to the pedagogical transformation of higher education and are proof of the ability of its actors to adapt to the changes in the contemporary world, through new uses and practices, for the benefit of its students. Serious games, 3D glasses, virtual classrooms, self e-learning room, co-creation rooms, reverse pedagogy classes, fablab, simulation platforms, language centre: numerous tools are made available to students and pedagogical teams at Université de Paris.


Promoting innovation

The pedagogical innovation centre of Université de Paris, in collaboration with other structures with an innovative vocation, supports all teachers and staff wishing to develop innovative projects. From the definition of the need, to the elaboration of pedagogical scenarios, to the use of resources and tools, to the production of multimedia resources or online dissemination, the teams are mobilized to meet the ambitions of the university in line with the digital transformation and reforms.

Université de Paris has chosen to support a policy of promoting innovation. It has reinforced this choice by launching calls for local projects.




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