Master in earth and planet sciences, environment: fundamentals of remote sensing (FRS)

Language(s) of instruction: French, English

Length of study: 2 years, full time

Course Location: Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP), Paris, France

Degrees awarded: Master in Earth and Planet Sciences, Environment – Fundamentals of Remote Sensing

Entry Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in geosciences, physics, mathematics. Students can apply directly for the 2nd year provided that they graduated from a 1st year of Master in geosciences, physics, mathematics or 2nd year of engineering school.

Language pre-requisites: Good level in English, minimum B2, ideally C1.

Course overview

Train high-level specialists in Earth and planetary remote sensing from drone to satellite.

This master Fundamentals of Remote Sensing proposed in partnership with Sorbonne Université and several Grandes Ecoles of the Paris region in the second year, trains physicists specialized in remote sensing. It covers the entire data production chain (orbitography, wave propagation, radiative transfer, data and image processing, physical modelling and applications). It allows students to do a PhD thesis in Geophysics, Environmental Science, Planetary Science or Applied Science. It also gives them the opportunity to work directly in technology companies in the space and telecommunication sector.

The 1st year is a common path with the 1st year of Master in Geophysics. The 2nd year allows student to further focus on the fundamentals of remote sensing and is organized jointly with the training MOCES (Meteorology, Oceanography, Climate, Engineering for Space Observation) of Sorbonne University

Skills and competencies developed
  • Electromagnetism, radiometry, radiative transfer, orbitography
  • Data and image processing, numerical modelling
  • Applications of remote sensing (geophysics, natural hazards, terrestrial ecosystems, natural resources, exploration of the solar system, etc.)
  • Space law


Ms. Pascale PETIGAS, Administrative Coordinator
Mr. Sébastien RODRIGUEZ, Pedagogical Coordinator