At Université Paris Cité, numerous support services are available to students in need of guidance and assistance. Among them, mentoring, a peer support programme that serves both mentors and mentees.

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Mentoring offers two types of support: pedagogical and moral. The mentors provide sessions of varying length depending on the needs, during which they help the student to understand a point, an exercise, a correction, to assimilate the methodology, to practice a presentation, an interview… The system also benefits those who give their knowledge, for some it proves to be a first pedagogical experience, an opportunity to meet and share. It is the chance to open to up to new perspectives;  a student accompanying another offers a different point of view from that of the teacher.

For international students

For up to one semester, students can become a mentor to a foreign exchange student. Their missions are :

  • to explain how the university works
  • to provide learning and logistical support
  • to communicate and guide various cultural events on and off campus

Conditions and information contact  :

For students with disabilities

Depending on their skills and schedule, students can provide support to students with disabilities with note-taking, reading sessions, tutoring, library assistance etc.

This programme can be carried out within the framework of a student job or a commitment in free UE.

Terms and information, contact:

For medical students

In medicine, tutoring is a real preparation for exams: organization of mock exams, availability of online courses…

A comprehensive pedagogical support, through tutoring and a mentoring system with a student in a higher year is offered to PASS and L.AS students.

Health Access: a2sup

The associations offer educational support in the form of tutoring and/or a mentoring system with a student from a higher year to students in the Faculty of Science and the Faculty Humanities and Social Sciences.

For students in the Sciences

Chemistry : Nanopotes

School of Engineers : BDE EIDD

Mathematics, Miashs, Mathematics-Computer science (Grands Moulins) : Math’Rix

Mathematics-Computer Science (Saint-Germain-des-Prés) : MIBDE

Physical measurements : La Démesure

Physics CPGE : Phisis

Biomedical science : Amicale Paris Sciences APS

Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences : Atlas
Life Sciences, Computer Science-Life Sciences: SciVi

For students in Humanities and social sciences

Law, Economics and Management: BDEM

Psychology (Boulogne site): Adepsy

Psychology (Grands Moulins campus): Collectif Psy Diderot

IUT de Paris Pajol : BDE général IUT –BDE général IUT – Fabulous

Geography, History, Economy and Society: Geomie

Sociology (Grands Moulins campus) : Socio P7

Letters, Arts and Cinema : Lettre Aimé et CinéSept


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