The “POP” (Paris Oxford Partnership), is a strategic partnership between Université Paris Cité, the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the University of Oxford. The three parties concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of promoting cooperation in the field of interdisciplinary research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, in collaboration with other disciplines where appropriate for their mutual benefit.


Through this Memorandum of Understanding, Université Paris Cité, the CNRS, and the University of Oxford, have agreed to develop their collaborative work in the following five areas:

  • facilitating exchanges of staff and early-career academics
  • facilitating conferences, seminars and workshops
  • exchanging relevant non-confidential publications
  • exploring opportunities for collaboration on research programmes
  • exchanging materials, subject to appropriate agreements

The “POP” Paris Oxford Partnership programme will run for a period of two academic years from 2021-2023 and will enable Université Paris Cité and the CNRS to collaborate with the University of Oxford, through The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH), so as  to facilitate activities such as:

  • Reciprocal interdisciplinary visiting fellowships for senior researchers; organization and participation in joint academic and scientific activities, such as seminars and conferences; access to library and other resources, as appropriate.
  • Financial and administrative support for the organization of junior researchers’ seminars, focusing on strategic interdisciplinary research themes.
  • The organization of an annual seminar or workshop in Oxford or Paris, bringing together visiting scholars from both institutions.
  • Event and communication support, evaluation and case studies to be provided by TORCH.
  • Visitors to Oxford will be supported by the TORCH International office whereas visitors to Paris will be supported by the Institut des Études Avancées

It is anticipated that the disciplinary range of the Partnership will be widened in the event that the MOU is renewed after 2023, reflecting the sustained interest of all faculties and the value of the collaboration between Oxford University, Université Paris Cité and the CNRS.



The University of Oxford

Oxford is a historic, unique institution and the oldest university in the English-speaking world. One of the leading public universities in the United Kingdom, it is ranked among the world’s best right across the disciplines: from the humanities, through social sciences to medicine, engineering, and the life sciences. With its distinctive and personal method of teaching, and outstanding museums and libraries, Oxford today is a modern, research-driven university, strongly international in character, and at the forefront in studying topics of worldwide interest, from the dawn of the universe to the challenges of globalisation



The National centre for scientific research is one of the world’s leading research institutions. To meet the major challenges of today and tomorrow, its scientists explore life, matter, the Universe, and the functioning of human societies. Internationally recognized for the excellence of its scientific work, the CNRS is a reference both in the world of research and development and for the public.


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