Research and scientific popularisation: Nothing holds back Gaël Fortin

Gaël Fortin, is a Phd student as well as a student-entrepreneur while preparing his thesis in biology. He has benefitted from the national status of student-entrepreneur offered at Université Paris Cité. His entrepreneural projects have turned into reality through the creation of a blog and a student support podcast. He has a YouTube channel dedicated to popularising science in connection with his research. Gaël is a doctoral entrepreneur not like many others. Discover his story.

Through his curiosity, entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to share, Gaël popularises science for many target groups not only on his own media channels but also in real life during round-table discussions, workshops and conferences. He is also a member of several researchers associations who aim to promote dialogue between the scientific sphere and society.

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Student support blog “Smartjeunes”

Podcast 3,9 

Youtube dedicated to popularising science

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Paris-Oxford Partnership (POP) Annonces its Results

Paris-Oxford Partnership (POP) Annonces its Results

The Paris-Oxford Partnership (POP) Evaluation Committee, composed of Université Paris Cité, CNRS, Institut des Etudes Avancées and Oxford University, announces the results of its calls for projects. The call aimed to facilitate and strengthen scientific collaborations...

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