Research support

The research departments accompanies the implementation of the university’s research policy by developing support services for research personnel and teams as well as assisting in setting the strategic direction of research, supporting innovation and knowledge transfer.

The Drive ensures the steering of the administrative management of research. DRIVE stands for Research, International, Valorisation and Doctoral Schools.

Research at Université Paris Cité is structured around a variety of scientific areas.
It is conducted by more than 4 500 researchers and academics based in 126 research units. The Research policy, set by the Research Committee, is implemented by several dedicated administrative departments.

Research, International, Valorisation and Doctoral Schools Department (DRIVE) ensures the steering of the administrative management of Research.
In particular, the DRIVE coordinates strategic research management activities, innovation and knowledge transfer, as well as activities related to finance and calls for proprosals relating to Research.

All of these means of human, organisational and financial management enable the university to carry out the three essential missions of public research:

  1. Make progress in the development of knowledge.
  2. Train in research through research.
    This mission is undertaken by the Université Paris Cité doctoral schools.
  3. Transfer new knowledge and research outcomes to society.
    This mission is carried out through publications and promotional activities.

DRIVE Service Offer

The DRIVE’s mission is to provide the necessary administrative support for all university research activities. It is headed by a director under the authority of the General Director of university Services. This person works closely with the Vice-Presidents in charge of the research Committee, business relations, and doctoral studies.

Its service operates in three main areas:

  • A focal point for research staff: researchers & academics, PhDs, project coordinators, inventors
  • A focal point for research structures and research units operating as scientific and technical platforms
  • A focal point for university governance: research Commission, decision support, legal
Direction Recherche, International, Valorisation et Ecoles doctorale (DRIVE)

12 rue de l’École de Médecine
75006 Paris
Odéon Metro
01 76 53 17 45

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