The general framework for Université Paris Cité’ academic 2022-2023 calendar was approved by the academic senate on April 5th 2022.

Overseen by the academic commissions from the Faculties and the IPGP, each component* will offer its students a specific calendar based on its academic activities, while taking into account the following general framework:

Start of the 2022-2023 academic year: Thursday 1st September 2022
The first day of presence for students is the first day of classes or the date of the pre-return meeting when it is organised.

Duration of the academic year: 10 to 12 months

End of the 2022-2023 academic year: Thursday 31 August 2023.


  • No academic activities may take place during periods when the University is closed (e.g. Christmas and summer holidays).
  • No assessments will be able to take place after 30 June 2023, except in exceptional circumstances that are duly justified to the relevant academic commissions.
  • On an exceptional basis, results for the year may be published up until 30 September 2023 at the latest for assessments (thesis / internship presentations) or jury sessions that have not been able to be organised before 31 August.

* The term “component” refers to the departments, training and research units (UFR), IUT and engineering schools grouped together within each Université Paris Cité Faculty:

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