Testimonials from our Graduate Schools students

Université Paris Cité is boosting the connection between teaching and research with the SMARTS-UP Graduate Schools programme. This initiative aims to change how students get involved in research and the professional world to address future societal challenges. Explore their stories on the platform, highlighting the diverse opportunities provided by our programme.

Stories from international students who received SMARTS-UP scholarships to join our Graduate Schools.

The SMARTS-UP Graduate Schools programme financially supports international students to join our Graduate Schools. In September 2023, 99 students, including Axelle, Jelana, Philemon, Veronica, and Younes, received scholarships through the SMARTS-UP incoming mobility programme to join our university and shared their stories with us.

“A friend shared the SMARTS-UP Graduate Schools programme link with me online. I was drawn to Université de Paris Cité’s high global ranking and the opportunity to obtain the esteemed SMARTS-UP mobility scholarship. The entire process was enjoyable, thanks to the constant support from the SMARTS-UP team, who helped me with everything, including finding accommodation.”


Student in the first year of the Master's in "Fundamental Physics" at the Graduate School of Innovative Materials.

“A classmate from Université Paris Cité recommended the SMARTS-UP mobility scholarship, emphasising its significant support for research-focused studies. The straightforward application process is accessible to all, motivating students to excel in their studies and pursue successful careers in scientific research. The SMARTS-UP team is supportive, organising relevant events and fostering a positive experience for students in the Master’s programme.”


Student in the first year of the Master's in "Linguistics and Computing" at the Graduate Schools of Linguistics.

“I applied to experience French culture and pursue a specialised Master’s in mathematics. The SMARTS-UP mobility scholarship has allowed me to continue my studies in mathematics within an excellent training programme, benefiting from France’s notable contributions to global research in the field.”

Philemon Urbain MBALLA

Student in the first year of the Master's in "Mathematical Engineering and Biostatistics" at the Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

“It’s been a year since I joined the SMARTS-UP Graduate Schools programme. In 2022, I applied for a mobility schorlaship to join the Graduate of East Asian Studies. Moving to Paris was exciting, but finding accommodation was a challenge. The training programme has been incredibly enriching academically, professionally, and personally over the past year and a half. I’ve also started working as a tour guide through the ‘Autoentrepreneur’ option, thanks to the training provided by SMARTS-UP.”

Veronica ROTA

Student in the second year of the Master's in "Foreign and Regional Languages, Literatures and Civilisations - Vietnamese Studies" at the Graduate School of East Asian Studies.

“I found out about the SMARTS-UP incoming mobility scholarship on the website. Besides the financial help, I applied to meet people from different countries and cultures. Since I arrived, the scholarship has supported me financially and connected me with the SMARTS-UP team, making me feel secure. I’ve also met people from around the world, experienced different cultures, joined a community of motivated young individuals, and more.”


Student in the first year of the Master's in "Biomedical Engineering" at the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering.

Stories from our students who received SMARTS-UP scholarships for overseas internships.

The SMARTS-UP Graduate Schools programme helps students explore research environments abroad. In the 2022-2023 academic year, 77 students received outgoing mobility scholarships through SMARTS-UP. Noémie, Shruti, and Vincent shared their experiences with us.

“In my view, the SMARTS-UP Graduate Schools programme offers numerous advantages. It provides substantial support throughout the stay abroad and is particularly well-suited for second-year students due to its non-binding nature. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to spend seven months in Amsterdam, Netherlands, during my second year in immunology. The experience was excellent, with a team internationally recognised in the field providing outstanding care. One highlight for me was the Monday morning meetings, where each student presented the results of the previous week, offered rational explanations, and proposed new experiments to confirm or challenge hypotheses. These sessions allowed us to engage our scientific minds in a structured and supportive environment.”


Past student of the Master’s in "Inflamex - Inflammation and Inflammatory Diseases" at the Graduate School of Metabolic Disorders.

“I had the fortunate opportunity to utilise the SMARTS-UP outgoing mobility scholarship to work at the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) in Hamburg, Germany. This experience not only helped me enhance my core skills but also provided valuable insights into fundraising processes and strategic decision-making at UIL. Besides being academically and personally fulfilling, this experience has broadened my professional horizons in technology, politics, and education. Currently, I am continuing my apprenticeship at the OECD’s Directorate for Education and Skills in Paris, alongside my second-year Master’s studies. This internship has served as a crucial stepping stone to my current studies and work, made possible by the SMARTS-UP Graduate Schools scholarship. I deeply appreciate the timely communication and support from the SMARTS-UP team.”

Sruthi Ranjani VINJAMURI

Past student of the Master’s in "Aire" at the Graduate School of EURIP.

“In my final year, I undertook a 6-month placement in Erin Schuman’s laboratory at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt, Germany, thanks to the SMARTS-UP outgoing mobility scholarship. This opportunity not only allowed me to complete my internship project without financial constraints but also enabled me to showcase the quality of French higher education at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research. My internship experience was memorable, making it challenging to pinpoint a single positive event. However, what I cherished most was meeting new people and experiencing the institute’s international atmosphere. Collaborating with Erin Schuman, Marc Van Oostrum, and the entire laboratory was a fantastic opportunity. The SMARTS-UP mobility scholarship team was highly responsive to questions, and the application process was straightforward.”


Past student of the Master’s in "Neuroscience" at the Graduate School of Neuroscience.